Sunday, July 6, 2014

How Do You View God?

I can hardly fathom the magnitude, 
the magnificence, the wonder
of an awesome God. 

My view of him is like a child looking at 
a tall tree from the bottom of the trunk.

There's no way to fully explain or 
fully comprehend God.

God's name as we know it in the English 
is so limited. 

The Hebrew words are more defining.

I'm not a Hebrew or Greek scholar.
Even if I were, there's no way in my finite mind that 
I could attempt to define God.

The word for the God of Israel was Yahweh.
His name was so holy that it was written YHWH
and often prayed, El Shaddai, God Almighty.
To use the actual name was considered an unholy
act of irreverence.

Jehovah Jirah, the God who provides
El Roi, the God who sees
Johovah Rapha, the God who heals
El Shilaom, the God of peace

My times of worship most
often begin with praise
in words that I understand God to be, 
Almighty God, Most High God, Sovereign Lord, 
Everlasting Father, My Rock, My Refuge, 
My Present Help in Time of Trouble,
Awesome in Power, Holy God, Prince of Peace.

One thing I know,
He is a personal God.
He desires a relationship with me. 
He desires to walk with me, hand in hand. 

This I can relate to. 

How Do You View God?



  1. Our God IS a personal God and for that I am so thankful. Your post was just wonderful, my friend.

    I think it can be so easy to not have a high esteem or view of God. It's easy to bring Him down to our level which is sad. He is God - the Creator of the universe, the Great Healer, our Heavenly Father, and the King of all kings! Thank you for this post.

    Hugs to you!

  2. When I sit on a beach and see the grains of sand, each made by God...I am in awe. Yet, I feel he is my Father, Guardian, and Friend. xoxo,Susie

  3. I'm amazed when I dwell on His magnitude - the enormity of the world, the solar system..., then when you think about the minute cells in our bodies. Then to think that He is a personal God. There is no God like our God!

  4. So beautifully expressed, Bonnie. God truly is Sovereign and His ways are far above our ways, His thoughts far above our thoughts. Thanks so much for sharing your view of God, Bonnie.


    And the list goes on and on--

  6. Those are all descriptions. For me, I don't think there's enough words to describe our wonderful, loving Saviour. I'm just thankful He loves us so very much that He wants us with Him always. ~:)

  7. Opps ... sorry, meant to say, those are all beautiful descriptions. Need more coffee ... ~:)

  8. I get chills every time I read/hear those beautiful names of God. Wonderful post :) Laurel

  9. Love that little one looking up that tall tree! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  10. Oh are right...there are no words that can really measure up to Him. When I was little, I was "taught" that He was our God but I was never taught that he wanted a personal relationship with me AND that it was even possible. He was like a stern master sitting up in the sky giving me a black mark when I did something wrong. I am totally in awe of even being allowed to actually communicate or talk with such a loving, powerful God...that He wants that kind of relationship with me!!

  11. Just wonderful!! We just need to hang on tight and have faith like a child! I want YOU to know how much you always bless and encourage me! We will never know just how much we are a family and how we support each other! I send a big hello and a hug!
    xo Roxy

  12. Great post Bonnie! I view God as the creator of the universe... who holds time in his hand...not limited by time or space..all-knowing...all powerful.. The Godhead of the trinity...Father, son and Holy Ghost yet He is personal..He cares for every detail of my life.. All I have comes from,breath! my daily provision! But the greatest of all was the provision he made for my redemption...That he would send his only Son..Jesus.. to redeem my soul from Hell..His life for mine! What love.. a love that just overwhelms me! I want to live for him.. I want to know more of him daily.. I trust his Word as a guide and help for my life.. and to think one day..glorious day I will see him face to with him forever. Also, One day I will meet all the wonderful bloggers who share this faith..I will see you! How exciting.. because of and I are family.. Now that is Awesome! Blessings my Sister in Christ!


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