Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wedding Moments

I wrote a blog post about this wedding 
a few months ago.
You can view the other post at the link below.
A Simply Elegant Wedding

Many special moments were made for lasting memories.

It was a sentimental day for the bride and her girlfriends.
Their gift to her was a scrapbook 
of their college days together.

Tears of joy of memories from the past,
and tears of joy of memories to be made in the future.

The private letter from the groom
invited her to a moment before the ceremony.
Time to get ready.

Both the girls

and the bride.

Just a few more buttons and then
time for the bride

to meet the groom.

Her sweet guy was one of our boys.
He brought her into our lives
and she quickly became one of our girls.

He patiently awaits his princess and

Cinderella hurries to meet her prince.

It was certainly a sentimental moment,
not without tears. 

Do we dare intrude on the moment?

More photos to make before it all begins.
The Southern Antebellum mansion
was without need of props, vintage within itself.

The girls just wanna have fun,

and a little girl dreams of one day being a bride herself.

Her ideas of a vintage wedding came together.

The shutter was for posting advice for the bride.
Don't you just love the wooden file box and the old typewriter.

Good advice was given as "keys" to a happy marriage. 

This candid shot was sooo cute, 
"What??? Where were the real rings?"
The ring bearer and flower girl are niece and nephew of the bride.

The ceremony was beautiful,
the night was perfect for a lighted pavilion,
and the food was scrumptious.

They danced away til evening
and the real celebration began.

I saw the couple last weekend 
and they look like they are still enjoying
special moments 

I'm on my way to Nashville
so I'll be away for a few days,
Yes! Yes! Yes!



  1. What a lovely wedding! Beautiful bride, setting, and all the details!

  2. What a sweet, sweet wedding. Looks so much like a country wedding I went to three summers ago. Blessings and much happiness to this lovely couple.

  3. Beautiful wedding and gorgeous couple. How fun the things they had at the wedding. Very sweet.

  4. What a gorgeous wedding! I love the picture of her on the balcony and him below. The ring bearer shot is just adorable!

  5. Darling couple, and what cute and clever ideas.

  6. Beautiful wedding!! Have fun in Nashville.

  7. Beautiful people for a beautiful day. What's not to love? Thanks for sharing these pretties with us!

  8. Don't you LOVE black & whites!

  9. Oh what a gorgeous wedding! I love the picture of him on the steps and her above! MY favorite:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  10. Such a lovely wedding. I'm am in awe of the photography. Is there a website from the photographer that I could visit?

  11. Beautiful, just beautiful. I love weddings, and my Nel got married two years ago, and it was such a special time for all.
    Thank you for sharing these precious pictures.



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