Monday, July 7, 2014

Is There An Art To Stenciling?

Practice makes perfect?

How do you guys stencil so well?
Is there an art to stenciling?

Beats me!

The USA plague was pitiful.

With a little sanding, maybe this one is a little better.

"What kind of saw is this, Mr. H?"

He called it a hack saw???
I think I heard right.

I found a long board left over from work done
on the house 3 years ago. 
Loved the natural patina and I thought, "SIGN."

Yes, I started hacking away.
Took me three days to get through that sucker. 
I'm sure I made some muscles.
Because my arm and neck sure are sore!

I can't decide if I'll use the sign or sell it.

This is the first piece of wood, 
I've ever sawed through.
Yeah, me!

Again, tell me, 
Is there an art to stenciling?


  1. Beautiful sign and your post had me giggling. Hack saw, regular saw, table saw - it's all Greek to me!


  2. Very beautiful sign! Yes, it can certainly be frustrating to stencil but you did a great job here. Congrats on the baby news, too!

  3. I think your sign looks did a great job!


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