Tuesday, July 15, 2014

We've Only Just Begun

The wedding was a family affair
with the assistance of Joy Lord, the designer
whom I mentioned in yesterday's post. 

Mr. H and I have been friends with
the Price and McDonald family for many years.

The mom, the sister, the groom's mom and Joy
all worked together to give Natalie 
her dream wedding.

The bride shared with me,
"Everything was basically a huge collaborative project between myself, Joy, Mama, and Lindsay. I knew I wanted a vintage country feel, to create the feeling of outdoor rooms, and lots of lemons. From there we all come up with the details and pieced everything together. Lindsay found the idea online and she and Mama created it when Lindsay was in town for the weekend. Joy provided and placed the frames on the paper wall. Mary Susan did the flowers, which were simple but so amazing!"

You have an open invitation to attend her Dream Wedding.

Choose a seat, not a side,

we're all family when the knot is tied.

Lindsay, sister of the bride and Natalie
share a few moments.

A Pucker

A laugh
Looks like they were having a good time.

Keith and Robin McDonald are the parents of the bride. 

The framed and papered wall was incredible.
I don't think Pinterest can do it any better.

Tom and Mary Susan Bell
parents of the groom.

The arbor made from natural elements
was a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony.

There are just so many things little boys like to do.

standing still may not be one of them.
This is Daddy's little boy,

Daddy's little girl,

and Nat-Nat makes it all better.

The bride will always be Mama's baby,

and Daddy's little girl.

However, he now puts her hand in the hand of another.

Aaron and Natalie Clements

White Lace and Promises
we've only just begun.

The bridal bouquet, arranged by Mary Susan Bell,
mother of the groom was exquisite,

and the flowers that adorned each table were simply elegant.

Yellow and lemons,
yes, Natalie, you got what you wanted.

The cake was "pretty" yummy.

May their love last forever,

like initials carved in a tree.

Enjoy the children.
 I love children at a wedding.
You never know what's gonna happen
when babies are around.

This sweet boy is the bride's nephew,
sister of the bride's baby boy,

and the apple of Mimi's eye.

The kiddos are having fun.

This Celebration was beautiful and I think you tell
from the smiles and the look of laughter,
everyone had a good time.

Thank you, Natalie for letting me share your joy,


A Gorgeous Bride for sure!

On a more personal note,
The Price Family,
Mother of the Bride has been like family.
When my baby brother was killed in the accident,
this sweet girl's grandmother was the first one to get to me.

I tell her often she looks just like she always did.
She hasn't changed a bit.

Her children were like my brother and sister.
Her son, above, was one of my baby brother's best friends.
He would come through the cotton friend
to play in the sandbox.

One person was missing from this wedding,
the bride's maternal Papa.

I'm sure this was a special moment exchanged
in memory of him.

He was my youth Sunday School teacher.
She was our youth choir director.

We traveled many miles together over the years.
We see each other from a distance now
and hug when we do.
I miss what once was, but life goes on,
but the memories stay with us forever.

Natalie, you have a wonderful heritage
on both sides.  I know you know that.


  1. A very talented family for sure to create such a beautiful setting for this wonderful celebration. That pic of the bride with her head on the groom's chest is absolutely gorgeous of her! Her eyes are very, very pretty.

  2. What makes a wedding special? Love, memories, and life shared by those attending. Beautiful!

  3. This was a beautiful wedding! I loved reading of the shared moments, the memories and the love between you all!

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  5. Oh my, everything is absolutely beautiful! I love the wall and the door entry to the aisle is brilliant :)

    Thank you for sharing the lovely photos with us. Hugs to you!

  6. Such a beautiful occasion. Rustic elegance. I especially love the closeup of the bride and the one of the newlyweds in front of the pond. Gorgeous!

  7. Everything is so beautiful! I hope that they have a wonderful long and happy marriage. xx

  8. Everything was perfect...what she wanted. Wishing them much happiness as they begin this new life together.

  9. A beautiful wedding indeed! Thank you for sharing it with us, Bonnie.

  10. Very pretty wedding..I so love looking at others wedding pictures. Blessings

  11. That was just wonderful, thanks for sharing.

  12. That was ALL just so amazingly beautiful!!!!

  13. what a beautiful bride and the wedding looked like it was wonderful xo Laura

  14. This was truly a beautiful wedding. I love the cake design. All the natural things too. The bride is a beauty. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  15. all i can say is WOW!! thank you for sharing...the sign--choose a seat not a side...brought tears to my eyes....

  16. This may be the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen. Thank you for sharing!!! The bride is just exquisite…..wishing them all the best in life!

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  18. Hello, What a sweet tribute to your oast and this couple and their family's future. It really is a small world after all.
    Loved the cake and the door to walk through!
    Hugs to You...


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