Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Mid-Life Moment???

This time last week I was in Nashville. 
Tonight I'm somewhat melancholy for many reasons, 
some of which I can not express. 

I've never believed much in 
what people call "A mid-life crisis."
I mean, who really knows when mid-life is?

However, I'm beginning to understand more 
what that means, at least for me. 
All that once felt new, 
is beginning to feel old. 

That's okay when we're talking about old scales, old tins, 
old crates and old boxes.

I love the old, repurposed, cleaned, dusted, 
painted and usable again.

We work so hard to make the old look new, 
but why the new look old?

We do that, don't we?
I know, I do.

Sometimes, I honestly can't tell which is which.
Is this really old or new?

On the closest observation, I can't see what is the real thing
and what is not. 

Do you find it easy to see what is truly hidden
behind the gloss and shine?

Now days, I look closer at other women.
How old is she?

I know I'm rambling.
Just feeling like I need a do-over.
I look around and see women who are older than I. 
Through my eyes they look flawless, without lines, 
tucked, trimmed and toned. 

And, I feel weather-worn, sun-aged, and saggy.

So many products out three to add flavor. 
We can choose
hot or mild
sweet or sour.

Some women are called HOT!
Some of are sweet!
Some of us are neither.
At least that's how I feel today.

Sometimes I feel like I've been grounded, pounded, 
and poured-
into a mold that others want for me, 
or into a pair of pants that no longer fit
-or both.

Am I having a mid-life moment?

Granny would say, grab that apron over 
there and let's get to work.

I honestly believe that age is an attitude.
I feel 35, in my head, that is. 
Why do I look 64 and in my body feel 74???
while I am almost 54???

I need to grab an apron and get to work,
lose 50 pounds, of which 20 of that 
I carry on my shoulders.

Need to lose some of this weight-
emotional and physical.

The above photos were taken 
at Marche Artisan Foods
where we had Saturday brunch.

I had a veggie quiche
and yummy french toast. 

Yes, both!

It's been a tough week!
Maybe I'll feel and look younger in the morning.

Have a good weekend,



  1. I am much older than you, 72, but I do remember the feelings you are having. Happy one day, blue the next; why am I here, what is my life worth, etc. Trust me, enjoy every single day the best you goes by entirely too fast and if you blink, you will be my age!

  2. I think it's normal to have that melancholy feeling after doing something you were looking so forward to.
    You and I are the same age. I'll be 54 in November and though I feel in my head like I'm in my 30's, my body is feeling older too. If I would stick to my diet and lose weight, I'd feel better, I know!
    I think we're soft, cushioned, comfortable and maybe a bit sassy now!

  3. I hear you loud and clear Bonnie! I am feeling the same way.. we are the same age...I think the same thoughts..I do believe it is about getting older.. I really cannot wait until I am mcuh older so I can say what I want...wear what I want.. eat what I what I want to There are some pleasures in growing old. By the way, I think you are great.. look great and are such an encouragement to me... I guess us old ladies will just have to stick togehter and pick ourselves up.. trust the good Lord to see us through and do the best we can while we can.. Love you My Sister! Super wonderful blessings to you!

  4. Bonnie ~ such a gift to put in words what we have all felt at one time or another. I remember those feeling...always battling a 30 pound up and down. Age is a crazy thing..really it's just a number. I was enjoying reading the comments of gals your age, and mine. My daughters are facing what you are as they are in your age bracket. There is something wonderful about growing older. I'm loving my 73 right now, probably healthier than I've been in years. I think you are wonderful, you are bright, and funny and have a gift of inspiring others..Don't grab an apron...and work...grab a star and dream.

    Love you Bonnie..You're so special.

  5. Bonnie, I truly believe that age is just what you is our mindset. I'll be 65 this fall and in my mind I don't feel a bit over body says something different. But I'm over the hump (most days) and looking forward to each new see what God has in store for He wants to use what time I have left here on this planet can be used for His glory...for His kingdom. I've finally reached a point in my life where I am comfortable in my own skin. This is one of the most "freeing" ages I've ever been so far in life.

    Hugs to you, my friend.

  6. I do believe we are kin..exactly what I have been feeling..great post..Love ya dear friend. Blessings

  7. Bonnie, I think we all got through valleys---when our physical self if down and our emotional/spiritual self is also---I say our bio-rhythms are in the pit and thus the blues. My solution--get my eyes off my navel and do something for someone else. And as Annie said, "The sun will come out tomorrow!"

  8. Who knows how 64 or 74 feels like till we get there =)I'm 60 this year...really can't believe it! Sometimes I think I'm much younger, then my oldest goes and has her 39th birthday and I KNOW I'm 60!! Life keeps's easy to say 'go with the flow' to others, harder to say and do for ourselves. Bless you today, Bonnie.

  9. Bonnie, My mother once said age is only a number. As I face another decade in a few months, I am trying to embrace her beliefs. I'm not for sure it is the number of years effecting me, but the changes that come with it. The empty nest has been my hardest adjustment, and maybe the occasional ache and pain I'm not familiar with. I do believe age is an attitude, and one is never too old to improve. Wishing you well. You my dear are lovely...inside and out. B.

  10. Remember that you are a daughter of Christ, and for that reason alone, you are priceless!

  11. Oh Bonnie, do I know how you feel. I feel the same way. I feel beat up and old. Maybe if I lost weight my self esteem would go up. but I don't know. I think it's more than that, don't ya think?

  12. Bonnie, We women never give ourselves much credit. There are days when we feel very old and others we may feel young than we are. Why do we do this to ourselves. I bet men don't go around beating themselves up all the time. When I was size 10(125 lbs.) I wanted to be I am bigger and wonder where is that size ten LOL. I would love to be that size again.LOL. I know it's not happening. So as long as I feel good and the dr. doesn't say , "you need to lose" then I am going to love myself. So lets' try to count our good points. Hugs, xoxo,Susie

  13. Sorry you're feeling old and saggy. I know I was feeling pretty cocky about life until this year. Now I'm doing the Debbie Downer bit. So very unlike me. I need to lose weight, but don't feel motivated. I ought to be blogging but feel like no one gives a hoot about my thoughts. Anyway ... aren't you glad this was brought up? *LOL* Hope you're doing better this evening. Let's all just keep praying for each other. Maybe that'll help.
    Luv ~:)

  14. I think you need some good old TLC. A long bath. A few nights of good sleep and perhaps a new lipstick? I have days too where I feel blah.....and it usually shows on the outside just as it feels on the inside.
    Hoping you get out of your funk soon.

  15. Be encouraged! These days will pass. I think Mari is right when she mentioned the highs and lows (often around those wonderful, exciting times in your life). I think the thing is not to stay there. Praying that better days lie ahead. Cheers! xoxo


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