Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cora's Bedroom

Cora Joy
has brought us pure joy.

I spent the weekend smooching on
and snuggling with our little angel.

I honestly thought I had blogged 
her bedroom, but I couldn't find
where I had. 

I love all the design ideas 
that I learn from my children.

Knowing how crazy I am about 
shabby and chippy, 
I just had to show the mirror first. 

The natural patina on the frame and the mirror
make my heart sing. 
This is aging to perfection and PINK!

  A close up view of the mirror, 
shows the crocheted hearts banner.

Here you can see a larger reflection of the room.

This is new, but resembles the vintage dotted chenille 
that was so popular in the 50's.
I love it! 
It covered the changing table.

Christina covered the embroidery looms 
with fabrics to tie together the pink and the yellow.

She covered her name with the same fabric, and

used some of the fabric to create framed art.


The sweet bedding was owls and birdies. 

Christina is a big Harry Potter fan
and so is Con-Con.
I just love to hear him say, 
"Hawwy Potta,"

This was hand-made, 

and so was this one
monogrammed with Cora's sweet name.

A close up view of the chenille and printed fabric. 

The C was hand-made by Cora's mommy.  

Please pardon the blur, but I couldn't not 
show you the lamp.  I really like it!
I especially like her sweet bows and ribbons. 
Already a girlie-girl.  
Her mom was a soccer girl, a basketball player, 
and a cheerleader. 
So she can be both!

The room is darling, 
but this little girl is the cutest darling of all. 

Our Little Cora-bug is a sweetie for sure!

There sure is enough love in Bonbon's heart 
for more! It only gets bigger and bigger.



  1. Oh Bonnie, her room is darling! The color is fantastic and every little detail is perfect for a sweet little girl :)

    Thanks for sharing and have a great day! Hugs

  2. The room is adorable! Love the details. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Bonnie, Cora's room is so so sweet! She will love growing up in it! I LOVE the crib! Everything is so tastefully done and will make it easy to incorporate other things as she grows. Thank you (and your daughter) for sharing with us!

  4. That room is as sweet as the baby :) lots of love there!

  5. The room looks perfect for a precious little girl. She is so pretty and they look so happy. Thanks for sharing pictures of her room.

  6. Hi Bonnie. Cora's room is very sweet. I like all the personal touches your daughter has made. The big embellished "C" and Cora's name that matches the framed pieces are wonderful, and I can feel the excitement and joy this little darling brought by seeing these photos and reading your blog. I'm happy for you. And I'm happy to be a new follower. Hugs ~ Nancy

  7. I love everything.

  8. Love it..colors, the name CORA!!!

  9. How sweet it all is! Great old fashion name Cora.

  10. I love her room!! What a beautiful room for such a lovely name. Blessings

  11. Love the room The owls are darling!!!

  12. What a darling!!!! And such a sweet, cheery room for her. Love the owls. :-)

  13. Her room is so adorable! And so is she!

  14. What a sweet room. I love all the special touches. I came over from Denise's (I was just checking in with her)I came by because I liked your name!
    I'll be around again I loved your post and your new header. I will look for your follow option.

  15. Oh Bonbon..LOL I love the baby's room. All the owls are so cute...but nothing's as cute as the baby. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  16. That is definitely a girl's bedroom. :)
    Lovely picture of the family. You are truly blessed.
    Luv ~:)

  17. Cora is a cutie...and her room is adorable!!

  18. Beautiful sweet baby.
    Who so deserves such a wonderful room.


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