Thursday, July 17, 2014

Design Cakes

This will be my last post until Monday. 
I am going to Nashville to see my babies!!!

I won't be able to check my emails or
comment on yours posts, 
but I will be back soon so
don't forget me:)

My friend, Joy, doesn't only do weddings,
she does all kinds of events.

Everybody loves Mickey

and Minnie.

Baking and icing cakes is another of her many talents.

Are you ready for summer and sand?
Celebrate with cake and ice cream.
Who needs a birthday for that.

Sorry, Texas, Alabama, Florida and Tennessee fans, 
we love the Bulldogs around here.
Don't shout me down, Tech fans!

Just blow up some balloons and celebrate because,
everyday is a CELEBRATION OF LIFE!

Which do you like the best?

Just tell her what you want and Joy Lord can do it1

Girls are Pretty in Pink and zebra.

Cake, candles and a spread!

We're all beach buddies around here. 

Ladies bugs are cute on a cake,
but in the summer time the cuties can take over the house.
I'd rather have the sweet ladybugs.

Somebody turned 1!

And somebody turned 16.

So whatever your thang,
she can design it!

What is your favorite design?

Thanks, ya'll.
Have a good weekend. 



  1. Have fun in Nashville. She is very talented for sure. It is hard to choose a favorite as they are all good.

  2. Have fun! I love love the flip flops..smiles

  3. Have a wonderful weekend. Love the cakes. She is very talented. I make cakes and know how much work goes into them to be eaten up in seconds. They truly are a labor of love.

  4. I want one in the shape of a motorcycle or wheel! :) She does excellent work. Have fun in Nashville. Wish we could head north too.
    Luv ~:)

  5. These are ALL such beautiful cakes, would one decide? Since I am not much of a sports fan, I will go with the flip-flop cake since I love the beach! Have a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL time in Nashvegas! I want to hear all about it when you return!

  6. What an amazing artist your friend Joy is. Love her work!

  7. Love the flip-flop cute!! Have a great time on your trip!!

  8. I love the flip-flop cake:) ALL are very cute! Enjoy your trip and stay safe! Can't wait to hear all about your fun time! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

  9. oh wow they are darling cakes !
    very talented!!
    have fun at the game(:)

  10. The cakes are wonderful!! I hope that you have a great weekend away. xx

  11. Isn't this Minney Mouse cake darling? And I love the yellow and black one too. The black and white design is a favorite of mine. It's such a talent when one can decorated cakes like this.


  12. Oh, Happy Birthday to your loved ones, Bonnie. :~)


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