Friday, February 21, 2014

A Tornado Morning and A Salvation Army Afternoon


The Morning

7:45     Cloudy, Warm and Humid
8:00     Rain
8:15     Thunderstorms
8:30     Tornado Warning
8:35     Tornadoes

The Afternoon

12:30    Cool
1:00      Sunny

The Evening

8:00     Cold!!!!

What a Day!  Shoot!  What a Week!

In one week, we've had Rain, Sleet, Snow


 Earthquakes, and Tornadoes
That's in the deep SOUTH!

My brother's entire block was hit by the tornado.  His house was NOT!
Thank you, God, for keeping them safe. 

This was their neighbor's home or what was left.
The couple had just left for work.
The tornado picked it up and put it to the edge of the pond.

This afternoon, you would never know there had been bad weather.  

The sun was shining and it was beeeeutiful!

So I went to the Salvation Army and found some pretties. 

I decided to play around with PicMonkey.

I really like the effects.

I think this is my favorite
with just a bit of shadowing.

The hankie with just a bit of texture.

According to the 10-day forecast and the Farmer's Almanac, we can expect more rain/snow mix
next week about this time.

I think I'm ready for this...

Hilton Head, SC

Dreamin' of my Happy Place,


  1. So glad your brother is ok! We had a day like that on Thursday - snow in the morning, sleet mid morning, rain with thunder at noon and temps up to 45, freezing rain at supper and then more snow. No earthquakes or tornadoes thankfully!

  2. I am happy to hear that your Brother was spared any damage but sorry for those who lost so much! I heard about the tornado touch-down! We have certainly had some weird weather! I hope the almanac is WRONG! I am ready for some beach type weather too! Enjoy your day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  3. They were calling for the same type of weather here in Augusta but all we got was a little rain. I am so ready for spring. So glad you and your family are safe.

  4. OM GOSH!!! That is one thing I do not miss about living in the south, spring tornadoes. Expecting more snowfall here, it is currently 40, but high winds. ANYWAYS--love your Salvation Army find,I am glad your broher was spared. So sorry about your neighbors. Blessings

  5. I am thankful for your brother's safety but so sad for his neighbor's loss. Like so many, I am anxious for spring weather. Our yard is so wet; we've had so much rain/moisture this winter.
    I love your thrift finds and your photos. Wishing you an enjoyable Saturday.

  6. That is just crazy weather! And I'm glad that your brother's house and his neighbor's lives where speared. How sad!

    Your finds are beautiful :) Admiring from afar...

  7. Indeed, God was watching over your brother's home...prayers needed for the neighbors!
    I'm with you, I'd love to be on the beach, in the warmth of sunshine and sand between my toes!

  8. The storm was really bad during the night here a couple of nights ago. The wind was wicked. I almost woke my husband up for us to go downstairs to the basement. The storms exhibit the awesome power of God but the results are terrifying - - until we consider how HE protected us during those storms- - - like the next door neighbors not being home at the time of the destruction.
    Aren't second-hand stores fun?!!! We can definitely find treasures there at excellent prices.

  9. The weather has been anything but normal this season.
    I am glad that your brother's home was spared and sorry for the ones who were hit.

  10. I echo all you said. Tree on our roof etc. I have picked up so many limbs and have so many more it's depressing. I am glad all your folks are safe. xo, olive

  11. AFter that week I think you should be ready for the beach. Glad your brother is okay. xo Diana

  12. So glad everyone was safe! It's been quite a winter! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your nice comment!

  13. This has been a crazy weather year! Hopefully, warm weather is around the corner. I love your vintage finds! They remind me of my grandmother's china.

  14. oh my goodness the neighbour's house moved and smashed, seeing this photo took my breath away and cannot imagine being so close as your brother's house was...nice effects with the pic monkey and a beautiful find at the SArmy..good luck with the computer, they can be trying and testy!

  15. Wow. Mother nature sure is feeling funky lately. SO glad everyone was safe….but that is just devastating for those who suffered the losses.


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