Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Estate of a Precious Lady

The ice is gone, 
but 3 days of clean-up 
remain for The Hitchcock's.

We don't do clean-up on Sunday.  
It is our day of rest
and relaxation.

My girlie junkies know
that the best form of relaxation
is to browse around
a yard sale, a flea market or an estate sale.

With the storm, 
I almost forget a local estate sale.
Today was the last day.  

I have known this family for years,
the children and the grandchildren.

A mother, a grandmother, 
a sweet lady, a sweet family.

It makes it so personal
when you know the people 
and it feels almost too holy to write about.

So, out of respect for this family, 
I'm not jumping up and down 
as I often do.

But will share some precious
pieces that I will treasure
from a precious lady.

My favorite find was this BIG BEN 
alarm clock, still in the box.

It was priced for $5
and I got it for $2.50.

Never have I found one in such pristine condition.
Don't you just love the ad on the back of the box?!

It had the BIG BEN stamp of authenticity.

I thought it was pretty here,

but couldn't resist making it 
the newest add to my collection here.

It was a hard day for the family.
(I know. I have been there.)

The rockers remain on the front porch
just as she left them.
The family will probably spend a few 
more days packing and will say a final goodbye 
to the homeplace.

A sweet, young couple that I know
will make this house their home.

As I was leaving today I said, 
"I know this has been hard."
He said, 
"Yes, but it's good to know that what 
she had is going with someone who will 
appreciate it."

I will.




  1. Well what a great addition to your collection, and to get it from someone you have known, and still it's it box. Wow!!

    And the price ~ another Wow!

  2. I have never been to an estate sale. Clearly I am missing out.

  3. That clock is a wonderful addition to your collection and I know it will have special value to you.

  4. I'm a sucker for watches and clocks, even though I don't have to be anywhere on time any more. *smile* I have an antique clock that has to be wound to start working in the attic. I should bring it down and use it for a decoration. Letting it run is a hassle because it needs too much attention for me.
    Hope your area recovers soon. It's beautiful in Pierce county today. We plan to go for a ride! Varoooom. ~:)

  5. Hi, Bonnie-
    Glad you survived the ice and hope you didn't have too much damage. We are getting freezing rain here today. Boo.

    I know what you mean about estate sales. When you know the family, it is a whole different ballgame. I love your clock by the way and think it is a fitting reminder of someone you cared for and spent time with!

  6. I so love clocks too..beautiful. Calling for more snow here tonight..oh joy. lol--Blessings

  7. Hello, What a sweet post, I think the lady would be glad that you found a treasure from her things.
    I also love clocks, I have enjoyed having a board on Pinterest with my clocks. My Hubby just bought us a new mantel clock, with a lovely reminder of each hour.
    Blessings, Roxy

  8. I think I may have had a clock similar to that at one point in my life - - maybe college. It really is hard to lose a friend - - even when we know we will see them again in heaven.

  9. I go to lots of Estate sales and they are really sad:( BUT... the hearts heals as time goes by and someone will enjoy that home again! Memories will always be with the families! Love your clock! GREAT collection! Enjoy your week dear friend, HUGS!


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