Tuesday, February 4, 2014

White: Not The Absence of Color

White is not the absence of color.
It is actually the balance of color-
the combination of all colors.

And I like all combinations of white:)

While walking out of the shop beside Uncle Junk's
I spotted this crusty plate rack in a box of junk.
"How much?"
"Ahhhhh, take it!"

Colors of white may be labels on crayons,
paint samples, make-up, colors of design...
cream, eggshell, ivory, vanilla,
baby powder
(introduced as a crayola crayon in 1994),
seashell, old lace (I love that one!), linen,
antique white ( I like that one too), champagne,
bone, vanilla, ecru....

The ladle I found at Mimi T's.  I found out that the vendor
was one of my best customers when I had the shop.

White in our Western culture
is often associated with beginnings and all things new.

A child is baptized or christened wearing white.
A bride traditionally wears white
as a symbol of purity.
The priest and the pope wear white.
The white lamb is a symbol of the perfect sacrifice-
the lamb of God, Jesus.

As Christians, we speak of being made pure,
"whiter than snow."

There's the white flag of surrender.
(I'm waving my flag today over a few things!
One of those letting go things.)

The two small planters,
I found at Mimi T's.

Did you know that at one time
white was the universal color
of men's and women's underwear.

Only a long-sleeved, white shirt
was appropriate for a preacher man.
(and a black tie!)

Why even Elvis went from all black
to white.

I replaced the red star with the brown that I found this weekend.
I grab stars wherever I go and move them from room to room.

Here's my most recent
combinations of whites.

I Love White!



  1. Bonnie...that last picture!!!
    I love it!!!!

  2. Be still my heart! LOVE that last picture:) That STAR just finishes it off! Enjoy your day my friend, HUGS!

  3. Wow!!!! Love the star hanging on the old window, beautiful display, Francine.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. It all looks so pretty! I love the brown star hanging above all that white!


  6. I love all your white, and that brown star is the perfect accent!

  7. I'm just melting into a puddle over your pictures....so lovely!! Love the star with all your white. You are a talented decorator! (wanna come to PA after I move to help me decorate? =))
    Bless you today, Bonnie!

  8. You do love white. :) Very pretty pictures. Really like the name of the "junk" store Uncle Junk's?! That's cute. I like red. And green. And blue. And orange. And ... *lol* My house probably looks like a kaledoscope that burst. ~:)

  9. I am very fond of all shades of white. I too love that last pic.

  10. I'm also a lover of whites.

    I think your new arrangement is just stunning. Love that crusty plate rack.

    Now you have me wanting to do some more changes in my house. See what you do??? (And I love it)

  11. Hello New Friend
    I too am lovin your whites.
    Warm Woolie Hugs

  12. I love your arrangement and perspective on on photographing still life. Also your commentary is educational and insightful.


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