Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pieces of Yesteryears

I love canning jars and milk bottles.

The color of this is cornflower blue.
All the others I have are aqua.
This is my favorite. 

We collected and used them 
for my daughter's reception
and my son's rehearsal dinner.

We had so many flowers 
that we gave them away, 
jars and all.  

A day later, 
I was just sick
with REGRET!

This is the first milk bottle
that's I've found since then,
that's within my price range. 

My budget is $3 for bottles
and $5 for jars.

I also bought the milk stool at the estate sale.

You would not believe how many 
of these I have sold!
This one I will keep.

A milking stool and a milk bottle-
pieces of yesteryears. 
Oh, the stories my mama would tell!

During the ice storm
and no coffee,
we thought about using this
on the gas grill.

Hey, it could happen!

Hope your day has been as sunny as mine. 
Loving 73 degrees and wind blowing.



  1. I know I will be stiff, but I sure did enjoy getting out side.
    I like your milk bottle wish we got our milk that way now.

  2. I remember all those nifty things when they where new! *lol* Oh dear, I'm getting old. ~:)

  3. Oh yes, milk bottles and canning jars..love them also.

    Do you do a lot of canning, or are they for decorations only.

    My friend gave me canned ochre and dill pickles and they looked so darling in the jars I put cute cloth tops on them and they are on my little display shelf in the kitchen.

  4. Hey! We have my late fil's coffee maker just like that. Thanks for the memories..such a treat to come here and visit. Hubby & I are off tomorrow to the Antique Mall here in town..I have to look for a Tea Cup (wink).(and I am still searching for the perfect china hutch/cabinet) Blessings

    PS 73?????? OH MY GOSH!! (smiles)

  5. Your weather sounds like ours today. It was nearly perfect!
    I love your treasures, especially the blue jar.

  6. Bonnie, I have so many regrets about items sold or given away in the past that I could write a book. But you can't keep everything I guess. I wish I had my old blue canning jars too. I did find 3 last summer so that will have to do me..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  7. I remember using a coffee pot like that on the farm when I was a kid...before my mother got a plug in one! What fun things here tonight= xo Diana

  8. My husbands Dad was a milkman, so we have a collection of milk bottles with some from his dairy. I also have some blue canning jars. I love things like that!

  9. Ahhh, dear to my heart too, love the canning jars, great collection, Blessings Francine.

  10. I hope that you are able to rebuild your collection. You had some lovely bottles.

  11. Love your collection:) I have a few pretties from olden times too! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  12. I have loads of green/blue canning jars. We call them green around here =) I'll be moving and I really shouldn't take them all with me...but I can't part with them. I love old stuff!
    Thanks for sharing your treasures! Have a great day, Bonnie!

  13. I SO love the cornflower blue mason jar.
    I remember my Grandpa with the percolator on the stove as a child; so old school!


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