Saturday, February 15, 2014

What I Did For Love

Just found out that
our county has been declared a
"state of emergency."

Never before have I seen
anything like this.

And last night we felt the effects
of an earthquake in SC.
I thought another tree had fallen.

On a brighter note...

Last weekend was the local 
Jr. High School production of 
The Little Mermaid.

I miss the days of baseball 
and theatre. 

Most nights we found 
ourselves coming and going,
meeting somewhere in the middle.

Christy's first high school production, she played Sandy in GREASE.
My shy little girl with a boy:), never been kissed
gets her first kiss on-stage!
(It was a cheek kiss!)

The transformation of Christy Sandy brought the house down.
You're the One that Want...
My shy little girl and her big debut!

The show was a 4 night, Saturday and Sunday matinee SELL OUT.
There was encore presentation the following week!
The biggest show in the high school's history!
I'm still singing the songs. 
The entire cast was incredible!

Christy played Joan in the One-Act presentation of 
Dames at Sea.
She won Best Actress at State.
This was her favorite role of all time. 

Look at that wig on that tilted head and the hand on the hip!  
My shy little girl turns into somebody else on stage:)

The Actors in Mid-Summer Night's Dream.
My girl on the far left played a dingy blonde.

Her last high school performance was 
A Chorus Line.
The last one on the far right. 

She sang, What I Did for Love
and cried on the last night.
She knew musical theatre was exactly what she did for love.

Ironic among the German, Latin
and French songs for her
Senior Recital from college,
her song of choice was
"What I Did for Love."

My daddy used to say, 
"The greatest investment we can make is in the lives of our children."
I agree.

I so appreciate the teachers who take of their time to
make a difference in the life of a child.

My children are what I DO for love.


 Christy and Troy has decided to put
IVF on hold.
Don't know the reasons,
but trust their decision as adults.

It just gives God more time
to show them a miracle
without medical intervention.
That's what I've prayed for all along. 


  1. Congratulations to your daughter! Great photos!

  2. Our younger daughter could do anything on stage, too, but was scared almost to death to make a presentation before her class. I told her to pretend she was on stage. The pics were fun. Thanks for the update on the kids and their journey to parenthood. You are a wise woman not to pry but just accept what information they give. They will share more later if they want. Prayer is still the best medicine for sure. Hoping for a blessed miracle, too.

  3. I heard about the earthquake - crazy weather!
    I enjoyed the pictures - Christy must be very talented. I'll keep praying for them.

  4. Bonnie, I love seeing high school plays. Those young kids make us smile. My daughter does play with our community theater. She just did "dearly beloved" two weeks ago. Blessings, stay put and be safe. xoxo,Susie
    p.s I have been in 3 small quakes in our little town. It's scary anyways.

  5. Bonnie, you must be so proud of your daughter. It's takes courage to be up on stage. She's adorable. I have said at least a hundred times that my children are my greatest joy and that's the truth. To watch our children become beautiful inside and out as they mature is a mother's greatest blessing.

  6. I used to participate in some life theatre during my salad days. It is fun. I think all young people should be encouraged to participate. Get them off computers and cell phones. It's REAL (in a fantasy sort of way ... ha ha).
    I didn't know about the earthquake but hubby said, "Oh yeah, meant to mention that." They can be a bit disconcerting. At least we don't have them on the scale that California or Asia has.
    Hope they don't have to have IVF and that nature can take it's course. May God have mercy on them and allow lots of beautiful children. ~:)

  7. I have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to visit. I am so sorry that you are experiencing the weather you are.

    What a nice tribute to your daughter. It is something she will remember all her life- theater....

    I will pray for a miracle for your girl-God has stayed their journey for some reason....xo Diana

  8. Oh what memories those pictures bring back of High School Productions.

    You have to be so proud of your daughter. It is amazing how the "actor" in us can be so different than the day to day person.

    I loved drama and was in several plays. Our Town, The Boyfriend. Love of fun lots of work, but worth it.

    Your tribute and pictures were lovely.

  9. Oh if we could only stop and enjoy our high school days more.. they are gone before you know it..You are certainly blessed with your daughter.. she seems to have some of her Moms talents... I know God has plans for her to nuture a special little one some day.. She has much to share..I know she is listening and following Gods lead.. This Winter has simply been crazy.. I do believe God is trying to get us to look up.. Have a wonderful Sunday Bonnie! Blessings!

  10. Wow….her performances sound just amazing. I could never do any of that myself; I applaud her for getting up there and performing!
    Wishing them the best in the IVF. Sorry about your county's state right now.

  11. Several of our kids were involved in HS plays and musicals. We enjoyed them so much. Your daughter is very talented!
    God be with you all as you walk through this seeking and waiting journey. May God fulfill all your desires!


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