Sunday, February 2, 2014

I'm No Tablescaper

So, I'm no tablescaper,
(is that a word? I don't think so!)
but I wanted to pull together SOMETHING.

These are some of the somethings 
that I found yesterday.

I was jumping up and down and shoutin'
to the top of my lungs
on the inside, when I spotted this
pitcher for, get this---

It is "PITCHER" perfect!

As you can tell, 
it is HUGE!

Well, huge compared 
to a most of my pretties!

I stole borrowed these 
from a neighbors tree-
God forgive me, 
the church's tree.


Well, it's really God's tree, 

from the local flea market.

It's marked Homer Laughlin
made in the USA.

I can't get enough.
The pitcher came from MiMi T's.
Look at that handle.

MiMi T's is one of the places in Warrenton 
that Distressed Donna Down Under
Olive Out
visited yesterday.

Isn't the spout pretty!

I love the setting atop my mama's quilt.

Love the glass drinking jars
with a handle.

Oh, I remember when there
was nothing better than 
a glass of ice cold sweet tea
out of a canning jar or
a peanut butter jar.

And nothing like a hot cup of coffee
out of a heavy ironstone mug.

This is my teeny, tiny dining area.
I wish I had a kitchen large enough
for a farm table, but
my small, 1000 sq. ft.
has been home for 27 years.

It was big enough to raise our children in.
We shared fights and fun
around the table.

We made financial mistakes that 
kept us here,but
my children call it home.

We'll add a kids' table when
the grandkids grow out of the 

And then we'll probably sell
and move to Nashville:)
Home is where the heart is anyway, 

My children and my heart
live in Nashville.




  1. Ok, first..if you ever decide to sell the star, it needs to find it's way to me, lol.

    Second-as does your cabinet, lol

    Third-I just love your home and the pretty things you got. You & I have the same tastes..very lovely and pretty, indeed. Blessings

  2. I love the pitcher, what a great find. I get excited about things like that to. Maybe that is what is wrong with me I need to fined something to get excited about.

  3. Adorei a jarra e as flores de Deus,rs..Estás perdoada, por certo! Ficou lindo! beijos do Brasil,chica

  4. You found some wonderful things! I love the handle on that pitcher.

  5. Bonnie I love all the white ironstone.... the pitcher is great and what a steal... If I was there at the same time with you I could see us running toward it and possibly doing a tug of war for I love your dining area too. Have a great week. Blessings!

  6. Oh Bonnie ~ I want to pull of a chair and sit at your elegant table. Your white ironstone ware is marvelous.
    The milk quilt tablecloth just sets of the setting of dishes and cups...

    That pitcher is to die for!!!

    Sending love and hugs

  7. I love the white dishes on the beautiful vintage quilt! Beautiful!

  8. Afternoon, oh I adore old Ironstone, beautiful pieces you have. Sweet dining room, love it, so cozy, Francine.

  9. I love your finds! That pitcher is awesome, love the handle:) Your home is lovely and plenty big enough for me! My Husband is from Nashville, love that CITY! Enjoy your evening dear friend, HUGS!

  10. You did so good! I love what you found and the price too. I really like your style - cozy and pretty!

  11. Great finds! The pitcher is my favorite and everything looks so nice displayed on your mama's quilt. Nothing better than a jug/jar of sweet iced tea on a summer night!

  12. Bonnie, love that pitcher with the unusual handle. Great tablescape for someone who calls herself no tablescaper! Distressed Donna Down Home :>) I am distressed enough without being down under.

  13. Your table and dining area are beautiful. Maybe we will sell out and move to Nashville at the same time. -Carla

  14. Hello Bonnie, I think this table is lovely (Really My Cup Of Tea)
    Homey, cozy and real food served I am sure :o)
    I am so glad to have found you, or did you find me? Wait, where we lost! You have a lovely home;
    And yes, HEART is the HOME
    Blessings, Roxy

  15. You have done a beautiful tables cape Bonnie. Nothing is better than a quilt on the table with ironstone. Next time you must come with us to Mimi T's.

  16. Your room actually looks quite spacious with that round table. My husband drinks out of pint "canning jars" all the time. We keep them in the freezer door so the drink will have an extra chill.


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