Monday, August 20, 2012

A Soft Quilt and a Red Chippy Chair

Nothing feels better than cooler days,
open windows,
and a soft light-weight quilt.

The chippy, red chair I found in Nashville.
Yard Sale, $2 

Another vendor was protecting her snow globes.

She left it.

Sure hope she meant to leave it.

If so, it's MINE!

Great patina.  Just my kind of find!

Good Night or Good Tuesday AM,

Let me know if you're still out there. 
I'm feeling really lonely these days in blogland.
Few comments make me sad:)


  1. Bonnie...yay for the quilt! I love your chippy red chair and that quilt just makes it!

  2. Darling quilt and chair Bonnie. Left that quilt?

  3. Total SCORE! If my big sistah had been thee she'd have FOUGHT you for it. :)

    Promise to type soon. Swamped with work. A good thing but MAN am I TIRED!


  4. Love the quilt, love the chippy chair! So cute together! =)


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