Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ironstone: Pretty Is as Pretty Is

"Big Daddy" was a little man.  He had a wife called "Big Mama."

He would often say, "Pretty is, as pretty does." 

Living next door, he'd often seen the not-so-pretty "is" in me:)

Ironstone to me is the pretty-is!

It's pretty as a collection-
showing all the various shades of white,
shapes of handles and rims,
and pretty details.

It's pretty in a small vignette.

and pretty as a single piece.

However it is displayed or whether it is displayed,

Ironstone is pretty is as pretty as it gets!


  1. My grandmother said that all the true. I bet I continue..and maybe I'll start talking to my ironstone..because it is dang pretty and it does its job when I need it.


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