Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A White Picket Fence


I always dreamed of a house with a white picket fence. 
Didn't we all?

A means of protection or defence

A barrier intended to prevent escape or intrusion

A boundary

A hedge

A wall

I thought about this as I walked after the rain.

We fence ourselves in by building walls, boundaries, barriers around OURSELVES when there should be none.

For what?  Protection?

Why?  Because we've known hurt like no one can imagine.

I've often heard the expression, "Don't fence me in." 

Or we can say, "Don't shut me out." 

I wonder how many times I have been guilty of shutting people out or fencing them in.

Boundaries are good, even necessary. 
Boundaries protect our homes and our hearts.
I'm gonna protect my family, my husband, my children at all costs.
As women, we have this instinct that tells us when something/someone is preying on something that is ours. 
Know what I mean women???

I'm not a jealous wife, but I can tell you one thing, I will guard and protect what is mine.
I had a woman who worked with my husband tell me one time, "You have such a sweetheart of a husband.  I hope you know how good he is." 

Grabbing his arm arm and pulling him close I replied, "I sure do and he's MINE!"

She had been hanging around.  Suddenly she was no where to be seen.  She got the message!

A mother bird will guard her babies nest.  Have you ever been attacked by a mommy bird when you were just peeking at her babies?

Mess with me, hurt me, criticize me all day long.  Leave my babies alone or you get ONE MEAN MAMA!

My son was home this weekend.  I forgot that we had changed the doors and he no longer had a key.  It was for our protection that the door was locked. 
However, in my endeavor to protect myself, I shut out someone very dear to me.

Just somethings to think about...

I sure enjoyed my walk.  It's when I think the most:)

Don't fence me in or shut me out!
I'm feeling a little guilty:( 


  1. A fence is many things. It can be an effective way to keep unwanted individuals from trespassing on property, and at the same time, it can prevent small children and animals from moving outside the boundaries of a property.

    White Picket Fence

  2. There is something about the way a house looks with a clean white fence around it. I think that it symbolizes the American dream. I would love to have my next home have the classic picket fence around it.


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