Saturday, August 11, 2012

Southern Summer Wedding

One of my sweethearts got married today.

I watched her grow up.

Her mother was one of my teenagers when I was just a teenager and teaching Sunday School.

The Bride, one of my teenagers, is now a beautiful young bride.

My heart was filled with so many memories and so much emotion-church Christmas plays, Youth Drama Team, Youth Musical Ensemble, Lock-ins, Camping, Swimming, Painting the Naz Shack.

I've watched as she's grown in her walk with the Lord and recently witnessed the baptism of her finance.

What a precious young couple!

I can't begin to describe the Southern Summer Wedding.

The photos say it best...

The outdoor wedding had a rustic, but elegant flair.

Canning jars were used for the beverages.

Bottled water in galvanized buckets to keep the guests cool.

Lanterns on poles were decorated with simple bouquets tied with raffia to create the rustic charm of the evening.

The program was printed on a graphic image of a canning jar to cooperate with the theme of a country wedding.

Fans were provided to swat the Georgia gnats and to keep the guests cool on the hot summer day.

Sweet flower girls, nieces of the groom, giggled as they walked down the aisle.
Nothing makes a wedding like the realness of the chidlren.

"Here Comes the Bride" (and the Ring Bearer)

Simply elegant!
"A bride shall leave her father and mother...

...and cleave to her husband.  And the two shall become one flesh"

So sweet.

The Old Red Barn-one of my favorites.

A tree with advice for he bride and groom and carved pencils to add to the theme.

The chip of the wood at the bottom of the sign had their initials carved in it.  JL hearts BG.  These were scattered all around. 
A remembrance of their childhood romance.

The Gift Table

Simple and sweet!

Spanish moss reminds me of growing up on the Adrian Camp grounds in the summer.

I didn't get to stay for the reception.
My sweet grandbaby was in town and so I had to run.

One last look at the bride.  She stopped and came my way, gave me a kiss, and she was on her way. 
Oh, the pleasure of celebrating true love that is committed to a lifetime.
The vows were beautiful, the ceremony sacred, and the theme was characteristic a a charming, southern summer wedding.

White Lace and Promises
They've only just begun...

Brittney and Jacob



  1. Bonnie, love this country wedding. Brittany is beautiful. hugs, Olive

  2. bonnie- it looks lovely. southern weddings are the best!

  3. What a beautiful wedding. Great details.

  4. Oh how I love weddings. Everything was beautiful!

  5. what a beautiful wedding! I love the rustic elegance and it seems you captured a sweet moment in time


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