Friday, August 3, 2012

Great Reasons for A Night Alone

Mr. H is in a softball tournament this weekend. 

Do they ever grow up???

No, seriously, I'm great with it. 
Thirty years ago it may have given me a good reason to pitch one of my coniption fits. 
Today, it's a great excuse to enjoy some "me" time.

Some great reasons to have a night alone?

1.  Dinner for One can be a bowl of soup, a bowl of fruit, a bowl of ice cream, a sandwich or


2.  No one to share the remote with.  Can you believe that my husband, an avid sports fan of ALL sports for 52 years, has watched maybe 1 hour TOTAL of The Olympics??? (He's watched Braves Baseball, Wrestlemania, and Man in the Wild instead)
Me?  I've stayed up after he's gone to bed just so I could hear the stories of the athletes and cry while listening to our Great Anthem!

3.  I can rearrange every item in my cabinet to make vignettes and tablescapes without anyone looking at me and thinking I have lost my ever-loving mind!

Like this...

...or this


...or this.

4.  I can act like a professional photographer and take as many photos as I want with my little Canon PowerShot without anyone asking, "What on earth are you doing?" 

This was one of my mama's pitcher and saucer.
The pitcher above came from one of my vendors.  I have been eyeing it for quite some time.  She marked it down and it's MINE!

The last and most important reason for a night alone is...
5.  I can celebrate ME!

Someone gave this plate to my mama in 1979.  It was used to celebrate every birthday and every special occasion from 1979-2011.  It now belongs to me and my little family will continue the tradition because "Everyday is a celebration of life!"

What do you do on your night alone?
I'd like to hear from you.



  1. Alone is often good. I am alone a lot so it might as well be. I see the Gothic arch already. It looks good.

  2. Hi Bonnie: Well after retirement, there are not too many nights or days alone! But if there were, it would be choclate ice cream and a bowl of cereal, and I'm with you, not blogging and all Olympics. Love them, but in all fairness, my Mr. does too but then he falls asleep, so I'm basically home alone anyway..Oh Well, Enjoy your time..Judy


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