Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Days of the Nancy Hank

Photo Courtesy of
Katie Darsey
The cargo trains can not compare to the former days of glory when the Nancy Hank
made frequent stops from Savannah to Tennille to Macon and to Gordon and on to Atlanta, GA.

The Nancy Hank was named after a racehorse who was named for Abraham Lincoln's mother.
The Nancy that I knew was really Nancy II making it's first run in 1947.

The popular passenger train left Savannah, GA each day at 7:00am and made a 6 hour run.
It's traveling days were over on April 30, 1971.

Photo courtesy of
Katie Darsey

Those days were before the overpass was built.

"Train-on-the-track" was a good excuse for
being late for school.

However, some teachers had no mercy and declared that
we all knew when the train was coming
 and we should plan accordingly.

The old water tower still stands.

I seem to remember that a man lived just under the water tower. 
I always thought he was a hobo.
I was afraid of him when I was younger.
As I grew up I learned that he was simply deaf and dumb
and harmless.
He only tried to scare the kids who poked fun of him.

The Norfolk Southern and The Sandersville Railroad cargo trains
continue to make several trips each day up and down the railways of Tennille.

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  1. we used to be a rail town too...our trestle burned and now we don't have trains any longer...I miss it


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