Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Liked My Skinny Jeans

Don't you just hate the words,
"Step up on the scales, please."
"Let me get your weight, please."

No matter how nicely it's said,"PLEASE."
You want to say, "No, not this time, PLEASE."
I knew it had happened, but how did it happen so fast.
Last year, I found out I was diabetic.
No surprise!
Upset, nevertheless!
I cried for days, because I knew that my parents had died a slow
death because of this dreaded disease.
I am determined that diabetes will not define who I am.
It doesn't take much to get off track.
Lost 30 pounds last year.
Me in skinny jeans last October just 7 months after diagnosis.
Stepped on the scales.
Again, uggggh!
I go ahead and say to my doc,
"I've gained a little weight."
He goes,
"You've gained a LOT OF WEIGHT."
"Gee Thanks!"
The truth hurts.
7 months later and 8 pounds heavier.
Look at those rolls around the middle.
On this short body, it looks more like 20!
So I'm walking again, but not consistent enough.
I'm eating less, but still too much.
It will take a few days to get my mind in gear!
The saying, "Fat people are happy people"
I am miserrrrrable!
I liked my skinny jeans.


  1. booger! the only times I've been skinny in my life were when I was unhappy. I am with you...55 and a few rolls I can't get rid of. You are most certainly not fat..neither am I, but I liked my skinny jeans too! I think you look great...and happy!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a kind comment.
    It is hard to lose weight and only gets harder as you get older, I was a good weight all my life and then gained 40 lbs in one year and have been creeping up, thyroid problems. I don't like it either and I do not like to exercise. I am trying to get in the habit again, I am calling it walking with God and it is my prayer time.
    Blessings to a beautiful woman of GOd

  3. Weight...oh my! I grew up with a sibling having juvenile diabetes. I have an aunt with type 2. I try to always be aware of my diet...once we reach a "certain" age nothing is easy. Sending you good thoughts. Bonnie


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