Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pickin' with a Purpose

The Kaolin Festival is THE annual Fall event in Washington County, GA.
Kaolin puts us on the map! 
I'm not kiddin'-google it!
I am amazed at the people who have never heard of kaolin.
Shoot!  My kids had to learn the formula (Al2Si205 (OH)4)
and were in the Kaolin Quiz Bowl every year.
Ask them!  They can still recite it.
Whatever happened to Quiz Bowl anyway, my Washington County friends???
I'll tell you all about the festivites as it is closer in approaching.
This year White Lace and Promises is going to have a booth!
Therefore, I have a real excuse to go pickin'.
Today I called it "Pickin' with a Purpose."
I found this great chair, a great magazine rack, and
a pair of candlesticks that will be painted WHITE, of course.
I'm going with my passion-WHITE!
My sister will bring on the color.
My daughter will bring on the crafting.
This, of course, needs no introduction, no paint, no repair.
It is a perfectly Shabby Chic frame, Rachel Ashwell!
These concrete wall hangings were gold and of course,
 I painted them WHITE!
Ugh.  The shadows are awful.  I'm such a poor photographer.
The wrought iron plant stand is FABULOUS!
It too will be WHITE!
I know, I know! 
I just can't help myself.
My other vendors hate my WHITE!
I guess I'll have to get a little crafty with the wreath.
I think I can handle a glue gun.
Though, probably not without injury.
I'm such a goof ball!
Now THIS, I don't know if I can part with!
It is a real-old-honest-to-goodness egg basket.
I think it's mine!
Here it is again.
The plate I will decorate (PAINT with PUMPKINS)
and sell as a dry-erase board.
Yey, me!
Yes, I found two incredible, almost perfect old windows!
Everybody loves windows.
I'll sell one and keep one!
A crate, an iron candleholder that I will decorate for fall:),
and some porcelain knobs that I'll do something with.
Isn't this just great!
A few other odds and ends thrown in here and there
and it almost looks like a booth already, huh?
Oh, yeah, that table hasn't changed colors by itself!
I have got to get busy!
Happy Early Fall, Ya'll,
That's how we say it in the South;)


  1. I need that egg basket!!!:) I've missed you guys being open!:(

  2. That is exciting Bonnie. You better get busy:)

  3. Oh...I wish I could come. If my hubby was already OUT of school I might have loaded up the truck and moved in for a week!


    Hope you are smiling! YOU DONE GOOD GIRLIE!



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