Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Homes with Southern Charm

Don't you just love a thunderstom?
I don't mean the kind that pulls up trees and pops down power lines.
I mean, the kind that brings cooler temperatures and lush, green foilage.

The air felt so wonderful that I decided to take a stroll around town.

Our little town has absolutely lovely homes with great Southern charm.
There's so much rich history in our little town.
I think Southern Living should pay us a visit:)

This is one of my favorites. 

I absolutely adore the chippy patina on both the wood and the brick. 
The details on the wood are simply fabulous.
The owner of this home, like me, adores the chippy, rusty, crusty and shabby. 
She's quite chic herself!

The iron post fence is full of character
and Southern charm.
There are other homes that line this busy street that are fabulous.
The Paris House was designed by Charles E. Choate, a famous architect in the early 1900's. 
Nothing says "Southern" quite like the Magnolia tree.
LOOOOOve the smell of the blooms.
Two huge magnolia trees create a natural arch over the walkway,
leading to the beautiful arches that line the front porch. 
I absolutely adore this cottage-like abode. 
You just have to see it to appreciate it.
Walk with me and I'll show you around:)
Nothing quite as charming as this wooden fence that separates the property lines.
Can you see the sweet little gate in the back?
The sign reads, "Beware of Dog." 
Every southern home needs a nice doggy to defend it.
A sweet little cottage stands behind the gate.  It looks like a little girl's doll house.
The owner of the home has two daughters and several grandgirls who have all grown up as well as two grandsons who defend our great nation.
I think I'd like to have a cottage in my backyard to call my own. 
We women are all little girls at heart, don't you agree?
Mr. Rabbit is visting now. 
In the Fall, you will see Mr. Pumpkin. 
At Christmas, Mr. Grinch will be taking down the house.
A perfectly manicured yard, a single bench, an American flag, a sun room to view it all...
True Southern Charm.



  1. Beautiful homes, beautiful post! I loved visiting these homes in your area! THIS IS ME!! I'm truly a southern girl at heart! Have a BLESSED week! From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

  2. I enjoyed looking at these so much!

  3. Oh...I want to see it. I do. What ever happened to houses anyway? They use to be sooo charming and had so much style. Today all these big homes are here in Edmond and most I wouldn't want...beautiful...just not for me!

    PINK RULES. Roses on the chairs win out!



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