Thursday, August 30, 2012

Who Am I: Part 1

Who am I?
I am a child of the King.
As my daddy would sing,
My Father is rich
In houses and land,
He holdeth the wealth
Of the world in His hand.
Of  rubies and diamonds
And silver and gold
His coffers are full
He has riches untold
And he'd add
"And I'm His Child."
I am a wife.
I am a mother.
That is who I am!

I often say,
"When I think I've messed up at all the rest,
I look at my children and see what I've done best."
So I thought I'd introduce to you, my children.
My First Born
Christy Lynn Grant.
To her mommy, she is BEEEaUUUUtiful!
This smile brightens my gloomy days!
She smiles with her eyes.
Christy-a thinker, analytical, organized, detailed oriented, working it all out in her mind, melancholy, considerate of others, a perfectionist, a caretaker, thinking of others before herself, a typical first born.
Lover of the Arts. 
She was named Best Actress at the State One-Act her Sr. Year in High School.
Lover of Music.
Growing up, she awoke singing every morning and went to bed singing EVERY NIGHT.
At 2, she knew every song in her Mickey Mouse songbook.
She loves all music and sings from her heart.
Her sound is soulful, country, gospel, opera, R & B, or bluegrass.
In her mommy eyes, she can do it all!
She was a music major, traveled with several groups, won several aria competitions and still awes me with her vocals.
She loves to travel and is most happy when she's near the ocean.
She is madly in love with and married to her college best friend, turned sweetheart.
She is the happiest when he is by her side.
She is a mommy to Charlie.
Isn't our grand dog just precious!
She loves to laugh.
She loves her brother.
She is a good big sister.
She is a great friend to her sister in laws, her brother's wife,
and to her husband's sister.
She is a great aunt to our precious Connor.
A great hostess and friend to many.
And that ain't a drop in the bucket to all that she is!
I'm one proud mama!
Tomorrow, will be PART II, My SON!


  1. what fun to see this personal side and the joy that is so obvious that you have. heart warming!


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