Monday, August 6, 2012

Sisters by Chance, Friends by Choice

There are some things about my childhood that I'd like to forget
And probably more that my sister would like to forget!

Through the eyes of a child, my little sister was mama's baby and daddy's little girl.
I was jealous and I poked fun and prodded and ridiculed her to no end.
I had the "middle-child" syndrome bad-even on into my married, young-adult years.

My sister attended an out of state college when she graduated high school and never returned home to live until 20+ years later.
I remember saying to my parents, "Oh, Beverli's coming home. Let's roll out the red carpet."

I am ashamed now of my behavior.  I was ridiculously obnoxious!

The benefits of my sister's return home are many.

She returned after my kids were grown and gone and she had two little ones under foot.
Their presence filled the emptiness that my children left behind.
She became my best friend and the sister that I never let her be growing up.
She came back home when our parents' health began to fail.
Our friendship grew even deeper as we shared the load of caring for our aging parents.

People say we look alike. (This was taken 4 years ago)
(me, left)

It is by chance that we are sisters.
Now, we are friends by choice.

My saying is, "Friends come and go, but family is forever."


  1. aawwww....I love my sister too!

  2. Bonnie this is incredibly touching. Please tell me she will read it.

  3. Bonnie, What a wonderful story. Bonnie

  4. Beatiful post, Bonnie. Don't have regrets. You cannot change the past. Maybe you have such a beautiful relationship now because of all you have been through. Cherish what you have now.

  5. Bonnie,
    I found your website through Joanne Bischof - I know you commented on her site how crazy it is that we can connect to other believers this way. I love it.

    This story is beautiful - and I'm so glad that God poured out His grace over you two and gave you this new relationship. He's really good at doing that!

    I'm starting up a series on my new new website (still under construction but you can go check it out: about sisters. I will be posting real-life sister stories every week and I'd like to share this story. Would you be open to guest-blogging for me in September?


  6. Hi Bonnie,
    Things got a little out of my hands last year, but I would love to post your story on my website on January 25th - can we chat?

    My email: becky(at)beckydoughty (dot) com


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