Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Granny's Electric Stove

On-line bidding and a photograph can NOT capture the true beauty of some things-
and a photograph can NEVER capture the memories that are associated with such.

This is very much like the stove that my Granny cooked on when I was a little girl.

Granny always wore an apron even when she wasn't cooking, and she used it for everything-

-even taking out of the oven what she called "cat head" biscuits. 

The back burner with the lid was a pot for boiling water.  They called it a hot well or something like that.

A pull out drawer for keeping pots and pans.
When the oven was off, I put on Granny's apron, pulled out this drawer and pretended that I too was getting biscuits out of the oven.

Mama worked in the nearby county where Granny and Granddaddy lived.  Daddy would pick us up from school on Fridays and we'd meet Mama at work and head to the "country." 
The hard, dirt road was bumpy and it's where I learned to drive. 

As we turned into the dirt yard, the smell of fried pork chops, tomatoes and rice, fresh butter beans and corn in the summer and the aroma of fresh, hot biscuts right out of the oven, greeted us first!

My fondest memories of my granny were always in the kitchen. 
When my children think of their Nanny, they too, remember her kitchen best.

Will we lose a generation to McDonald's, Wendy's and Zaxby's?
I hope not.
Life is too busy and I'm not a great cook.
But I intend to bake cookies and share my kitchen with my little ones.


  1. This is similar to the one my mother had. These are making a comeback. I saw some of these just this weekend.

  2. I love these old stoves! My mother had one similar to that because we grew up in an old 1930's home! Anyway, thank you so much for your visit to my blog. I will be back soon.


  3. Love reading your blogs,Bonnie.. So many things I've learned about you......Love your creativeness and ideas.


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