Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back to School Organization

"Out of the Mouth of Babes"-not sure if this is a quote from the Bible or a literary verse, however true. 

My niece spent last night and today with me.  She is almost 9. 
  My sister and I have decided that she should be mine and my Christy should be hers.  We have each other's child-19 years apart.

I married young (17 years old) and my sister married old :)(32 years young). 
In some ways, my niece is more like my grandchild. 

Tomorrow she's back to school so she wanted one more day with Aunt Bonnie.

The Great Exchange:

Walmart (less than $10 rule because there are no yard sales on Thursday) , Paint (her choice of colors and my choice of design, Watch a Movie (her choice)


Clean and organize Aunt Bonnie's junk closet

"Aunt Bonnie, I'm great at organization." 



Walmart, yes...Paint, yes...Watch a Movie, yes...
Clean and Organize...................

Me:  "Sarah, I thought you liked to organize."

My niece:  "Well, I don't want to be mean, but Aunt Vickie's house (my sister in law) is wellllll."

Me:  "What Sarah??? Cleaner, nicer?"

My niece:  "Let me just say that I like to organize when everything is already clean." 

Me:   "WHAT???"

She told me today, "I am just like you, Aunt Bonnie, so passionate about things." 

I think she meant, "I say what I think, just like you."

She went to Open House and I organized.

I love this pretty white shelf.  It's not the typical "junk" shelf, but it's all I had for today.  I bought it for the shop.  Until I can find an old redo, this will have to work.

I had the sewing machine drawer at the shop for sale and brought it home to put my ribbon in.

Wooden boxes and galvanized buckets are great for holding just about anything.  The small bucket is just right for holding my paint brushes.

The larger bucket holds spray paint.

I have all the flowers and trimmings for a wreath-hangs here until ready.

I'll "already clean" one of these day, Miss Sarah.


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  1. Oh yes, it's easier to clean and organize when everything is already cleaned and organized. But where is the fun in that? I love my treasures and they do get all over the place. Then when I clean, I really feel like I have accomplished a lot.


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