Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bloggers Block

Just not feelng it today.


Like writers' block, I'm having bloggers' block. 

It's really "creative block"- where I don't have a creative bone in my body!

I was a long-term care activity director for 10 years. 

I would enjoy bouts of flow and creativity, creating great boards and scrapbooks and events that landed me recogniztion at annual conventions. 

For years it wasn't a job!  It was an experience and everyday was a celebration!
I would spend hours on getting newsletters ready to send out to my families. 
I would plan and implement events and special activities that involved the schools, churches, and civic organizations in our small community.  I could go for days with only a few hours of sleep-working into the early morning and working into the evening with sometimes no compensation and little appreciation.
The Job Description should READ:  WARNING!!! BURN-OUT IMMINENT!

At one convention, ADs enjoyed the creative ideas of an event planner for NBC who planned social events for the STARS including several pre-award parties. 

His objective was to teach us how to make something out of nothing.
SHOOT, NO PROBLEMO.  Been doing this for years!

My group was given a box of Kleenex.  Our instructions:  Plan an event!

Tonight I feel like I've been given a box of Kleenex. 

So I started with this...

Isn't everyday filled with PROMISE???
I happen to believe so.

Like flowers after rain,
Is Sunshine after pain.

Add your favorites-the things that make you smile.

Add some contrast!
TOO BRIGHT!  (The walls are screaming, "Paint Me, Oh Please Paint ME!)

Give it your best shot and if the creative juices are not flowing, it looks like this!

Sometimes all it takes is a tad of color...

a little height...

or that one thing that makes you happy.


  1. Unfortunately I know what burnout feels like. Three more years at my profession and I'm adios. I goes in spurts though. Everybody gets a block every now and then so I wouldn't lose too much sleep over it. Maybe it's the heat.


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