Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pic Monkey Collages

I realized tonight that I didn't post yesterday or today. 
Resting from the weekend and spending quality quiet time with my Creator.

The Hairdresser-color, highlights, and cut.  

My appt. was at 8:30 am.  Got up at 9:00 a.m.

Grab a biscuit from McDonald's.
  Rush in the shop.  No make-up, no shower, and hair in 20 different directions.
So what!  That's what I'm here for.  Oh well, minus the shower:)

Arrived at 9:30! LATE!

Me: "Just let me gobble this down."

My hairdresser:  "What are you doing?"

Me:  "I'm sorry I'm late.  Please don't send me home.  I just crawled out of bed."

My hairdresser:  "You're about 4 hours early."

Me:  "WHAT????"

The boss (of both Beauty Shop and Cornerstone Treasures:  "Since you're here already, how about doing the books for the shop and writing the checks?"

I'm  still not awake!!!


6:30  Mr. H wakes me up.

7:30  Quite Reflection

8:30  Take Mother in law to hospital for injections.  (6 bulging discs-I saw the report!)
It was good to spend time with my sweet MIL even in a hospital room. 
She came home and is doing fine.

Tonight:  Painting with my Niece

1:48 AM Thursday:


Trying to get my Photos resized with Pic Monkey so I can link:)

Just playing around.

Will be out and about looking for something to photograph with my little Canon PowerShot.

See ya then!



  1. Bonnie just came across your page. I have been playing with photos too! I love picmonkey. New follower!

  2. I am so sorry, but I am laughing out loud at your day. I always think I am late only to find out I am quite early, maybe not 4 hours, but early all the same. I hope you have a quiet day today. Bonnie

  3. I wondered how those collages were made. Now I will have to visit Picmonkey and see if I can figure it out too.

  4. You are too funny Bonnie. I love the PicMonkey.

  5. What a day...a Bonnie Fun Day!!!

  6. The Picmonkey team keep making their site better and better. I am so grateful they created Picmonkey when Picnik was taken over by google.

    Some days are just like the ones you described.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my post. I am following you, coming back to visit again.



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