Monday, July 30, 2012

Pottery and Poppies

I know most of you are still basking in the summer sun and loving it!

This Georgia girl has just about had enough of the smoldering heat, hot flashes and the sweat that goes with both!

Yes, in the south, we SWEAT, not perspire!

Looking forward to Fall and the burst of color that accompanies it. 

So, I'm creating an atmosphere of Autumn by bringing in a few earth tones into my otherwise pastel kitchen. 

I have a fetish for pitchers.  Decided to pull out the old clay. 
Pottery is very popular in the South-especially USA pottery.  It is so popular in fact that it is very hard to find the real McCoy!
I used one of my boxes to give a little height to the pitcher.  The crock is a favorite of mine.  I've seen a few of these without the lid.  I think it was a cheese or butter crock.

I'm not sure that I like the complete vignette.  Couldn't get the balance that I was looking for. 
I've had the framed print at my shop.  It was an estate find and from the frame and backing, it is old. 

I like the blue and orange together.  It give this room the pop of color that it needs.

Praying for coolor days!



  1. I love the poppy print. You are getting ready for fall:]

  2. Hi Bonnie

    I hope the weather cools down somewhat.
    I like your vignette.

  3. we're getting some relief from the heat
    rain last night .. even better!

  4. I love that blue and white crock. So cool.

  5. Love the crock Miss Bon! Sweet VIGNETTE! :) It's sooo hot here I took my Miss Mollie for a walk at 9pm. Ended up carrying her half way back. It was 111 yesterday. WHAT? MISERABLE! YUCK!


  6. Hello
    Summer is winding down here also and I have to say I am so over this heat and humidity we have had. Here in Chicago it usually doesn't get this hot but I think the whole country has had it unusual this year.
    Love the pitchers you have on display. Wishing you a lovely day


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