Monday, July 23, 2012

Red, White and Blue, I Love You

My Red, White and Blue Room is still a creation in the making.

I've added a few things.

This too is a work in progress. 
I'm looking for various mirrors or frames to cover the space above the dresser.

The oar is from my daddy's collection of fishing gear. 
I have yet to crackle it.  I will do it in white.

 I just moved some things around.

I couldn't resist posting my favorite little fellow!  Isn't he adorable!
I make up little songs to sing him,
Red, White and Blue
I love you
Mr Connor Man
I love you TOO!


  1. Look at you two! Are you sure you are a grandmother cause you look very young in this pic. He is handsome.

  2. Such a sweet baby!

    Love your patriotic colors.

    Hope you are doing well.


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