Friday, July 27, 2012

Pink Enamelware

I have always been an avid fan and collector of enamelware. 

My mama made her biscuits every day for 50 years in a white enamel pan with red trim, thus creating my love for the red enamelware.  When I got rid of my country kitchen and red, I sold all of it.  My sister got my mama's biscuit pan and I moved on to ironstone and porcelain.

While I was on vacation, my favorite vendor, Olive from Oliveout blog, brought in some pieces that almost made me pee my pants.

 I no longer collect, but these were just tooo pretty to let go!

According to WiseGeek, "Enamelware is the term used for items that have a porcelain enamel finish.  Enamel is a type of material that coats another material such as steel or aluminum."

I always have a corner at the shop where I display my enamelware.  I had a customer ask me a few weeks ago, "Can you cook in this?"

Actually, enamelware is known for its strength and is a great heat conductive.  It is very stain resistent, repels grease and oil and cleans easily.  However, because of its acidic qualities, it corrodes over time. 
One of my customer's told me that the truck salesman sold "plugs" for the erosions in the enamel pots.

This bowl is so much prettier than mama's biscuit pan.

American made pieces were the most widely used and included white enamel with a black, red, or blue rim.  Solid colors included gray, green, yellow, orange, and even red.

Finland was known for its decorative pieces which included fruit, flowers, and even hearts.  The french pieces were typically different shades of blue with black and white checkerboard.  Mexico made Western ware.  There was also less common pieces from Norway, Italy, and Sweden which are more costly. 

Mid-Century Modern is what's hot today.  I found a mid-century enamel turquoise teapot that I think I must have-NOT!  It is going for $79 and a PINK one I found for $135.

I think I'll stick with my Made in China (sorry) set that I paid Olive $12 for.  The sweet little bowls are pefect for one or two scoops of ice cream. 

YUMMY, don't you think? 


  1. They photographed beautifully. Did you look them up? Might have been made in China a long time ago.

  2. I love the old enamelware. I'm amazed at how it has all held up through the years. Some of the colors were so pretty. I have a green and yellow roasting pan that I keep my plants in.


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