Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fall ART

Everyone always teased Mama about "talking with your hands."
Daddy used to say, "If I tied your hands behind your back you couldn't say a word."
She used her hands for everything.
She loved digging in the yard, sewing, cooking, quilting, and painting.

I've recently been dabbling around with this art stuff. 
As I said before, I like to "dabble."  That's about what my art is.

My daughter-in-love gets ready for Fall early, so I decided to start practicing early so I could it get right in time for her decorating.

I combined some of the art from my classes to make a tiled chalk/art board to hang in my kitchen. 
I decapauged my favorite photo in the middle.
Don't you love the abstract tile???
It was supposed to be flowers. I couldn't get them right so I just took the brush and went at it!
In case you don't know, the top, middle tile is a pear.

This was fun, but not perfect enough for my DIL's new house.
I'll keep trying.

Looks easy, huh?  NOT! 
I finally quit after two hours.  Will add some more later.


  1. Hi Bonnie: That looks great.Cute idea. She'll love it. Thank you for your nice comments on the kitchen redo. Slow but steady. Supposed to pick up more cupboard doors tomorrow. Sorry for the delay of getting back to you but computer just came back from the shop, so am trying to catch up..Happy Monday..Judy


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