Sunday, July 15, 2012

Taking Some Time to Breathe

I asked Mr. H last night, "Do you feel like you have to tell yourself to breathe when you finally get away?"

I didn't really have to ask.  He's a workaholic and never stops!

It's like when you're driving full speed ahead.  You can't just slam on breaks. The air bag would hit you in the face or you'd fly through the window.  No, you must gradually let off the accelerator and while you're slowing down, apply the breaks.

Same thing happens when you're slowing down in the craziness of life.  There must be a gradual reduction of speed, slowly putting on the brakes, and finally stopping.  While you may stop after arriving at your destination, the mind continues to run. 

So I'm telling myself....


Mr. H is doing better at this than I am.  He was long overdue!

He's napped, watched some baseball, napped some more, watched the race, flipped some more channels, all the while napping some more.

While I've already been to the beach,

 been for a walk,

passing some massive homes,

while appreciating my own little cottage,

considered renting a bike, but remembered how sore my butt was the last time I rode,

passed a sail boat bobbing on the waves,

sat for a spell to read in my book,

enjoyed watching the children play (Can''t wait til mine is here!)

Yes, I can say, I am taking time to BREATHE! 

My heart rate is slower, my mind is at peace, and I am ready for a few days of R &R.

Hope you'll join me! 


  1. Your cottage sounds wonderful and thank you for such uplifting images
    I love the little girl's expression.
    Where is this beautiful beach?

    Helen xxx

  2. I love the beach. It's so restful. Hope you enjoy your R&R.

  3. Enjoy your time at the beach. I can hear the surf hitting the shore. And yes, just breathe!

  4. I hope you have the most wonderful time at the beach.


    What a glorious thought. Won't be doing much of that until November.

    Of all the things I miss growing up in California is seeing the ocean. I love it so very much.

    Love to you friend...xoRebecca


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