Monday, July 2, 2012

Old Homes and An American Flag

Just riding through the neighborhood and admiring some of the old homes. This is one of my favorites. I love the porch and the gazebo-like structure or sunroom. I'm not sure what they use it for or if they even use it at all. I know the people who live here. I went to school with the dad. I live in a town "where everybody knows your name." They are a sweet family. But I wouldn't just drop in uninvited.
I often wonder about the balconies in the old homes. Are they used anymore? Does anyone ever sit there, drink coffee and watch the world as it awakens? So many nooks an crannies, it would be a shame for them to not be used.
I have been in this home. It was built as a 2-home apartment. The owner is a caterer in our town. I went right up there and knocked on the door. This is a home that you can visit although uninvited. She was not home. Her husband, a detective, saw me noseying around. I courteously asked if I might take a few photos.
With good ole' southern hospitality, he said, "Sure, come on in." I didn't. "Please excuse the gas cans. I don' think my wife will be too happy about that."
"Shoot," I said, "Just adds a little character to the Harley you have there." I don't really know a Harley from a Honda! He must have known that. I got a funny look!
I just love a red door!
I wanted to be sure and get the motorcyle. The American flag blowing in the wind and transportation to ride with the wind-you can't get more Americana than that!


  1. Thanks for this neat tour! I too love homes with flags and I was wondering today if it was just a summer thing. Seems so around my town. But I still love to see our flag waving...these homes are wonderful!

  2. I love yellow houses with red doors. Great look.

  3. Hi Bonnie: How lucky are you to be able to go into a house you admire. That is on my bucket list..Happy 4th to you and hope you are enjoying the summer..Judy


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