Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Weddings

My first summer love is beachin' it.

Weddings would run a close second.

Two of my girls are gettng married in the next couple of months.

Both of these girls are 2nd generation youth girls meaning that I taught their parents as teenagers, taught them as teenagers, and now I'm teaching their parents again.

I introduced them to make-up and boys, camping and lock-ins, True Love Waits and I'll kill you if you don't!

I'm glad that I can just sit back and enjoy these moments for them while their moms franctically tie up all the loose ends before the big day.

Both of our children got married in the summer-our daughter married in the late Summer-August.
Next month she and her husband will have been married 8 years.

They both had graduated in May and we were planning a long-distance wedding in Georgia while she was working and living in Tennessee. 

 Our wedding planner decorated the church while family and friends decorated a sweet little house on a pond in the country for the reception.  Buckets of daisies lined each side of the front steps, milk bottes and canning jars were sporadically placed on tables and porch railing.  My collection of birdhouses filled the hearth while candles and photos lined the mantle.  Several wicker settees sat under trees for our guests to enjoy fresh lemonade.  It was a simple yet beautiful wedding with over 300 in attendance.  My baby girl was absolutely georgeous and I'm not one bit partial.

This is my favorite picture. The heat was smoldering, the curls in her hair had relaxed, but at this point so had she.  A perfect pose at the end of a perfect day.

Our son was married in early Summer or late Spring, May 2008.  Our daughter in law was stunning in a strapless, mermaid-like dress.  The wedding of course was in Nashville. He was absolutely captivated by her beauty.

 She, too, chose yellow daisies and we decorated the tables for the rehearsal dinner with birds' nests, canning jars, milk bottles, and my favorite ironstone pitchers.  Place cards were placed in tiny pots with burlap filled with seeds for each guest to take home and plant so as to remember this day.

You can't have a wedding without children. I love the floral headpieces on the little girls that our daughter-in-love chose. 

The little one on the right is my niece.  As you can tell, she was a little anxious about her part it in all.  At the end of the day, however, she was dancing, had chocolate from the fondue fountain all over her pretty dress and was havig a ball with her new friend.

  Four years earlier, she was a toddler on her Nanny's lap and her brother was my daughter's ring bearer.

He's now 12 and she's 9.  Time moves so swiftly.  It just a few short years, we'll be planning their weddings.

  Our daughter kisses her brother to send him off to the love of his life. 
When our children married, we gained two more and we equally adore them both.

Thanks for letting me share our hearts:)



  1. The weddings look like they were beautiful. My daughter was married in the summer too. It was a wonderful occasion for all of us.

  2. Bonnie such a sweet post. I love weddings, our memories..but most of all, I love having married's just the best!

  3. They are beautiful. The last photo where your daughter kisses your son is too sweet.

  4. Bonnie, I too love weddings. It is such a wonderful celebration. Your children's weddings look beautiful. Working with my daughter and planning her wedding was the best year. We had so much fun and shared so many laughs. The thing I love best about weddings is they are all unique to the couple and all beautiful. Love your post! Bonnie


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