Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sentimental Living and Soooo Ready for Fall

"Stepping out onto the porch and smelling the first fire of the season makes me smile.  When I see wood smoke curling from a campfire or a nearby chimney, to me it annonces in a most elegant way that autum is in the air.  The crunch of leaves underfoot, the ringing of school bells, the sweetness of homemade pumpkin pie...the things we smell, touch, see, hear, and taste are those that we recall with a warm heart."--Alda Ellis

Ok. Ok. Ok.  I know I'm dreaming.  Well, temperatures in Middle Georgia did fall from 104 to 84 today. 

So I got out my Sentimenta Living from the Porch and started planning ahead.

This is my kind of crafting-stick some flowers in a hanging planter and voila!

This, I think I can do too.  I think an old galvanized tub would be great with a pot of mums and some pumpkins and pop the old scarecrow right in there.

Alda Ellis says it better than I do, "Arrange little 'still lifes' everywhere of fall produce and yellow mums.  These artful autumn touches are invitations to simply linger."

I love the handpainted table-easy to just paint over with the black when the season is over.

Our grandbaby has his 1st birthday this fall and we are going to PARRRRTY IN NASHVILLE-a Halloween Party by the Pool!
That means taking photos and finishing his ONE year scrapbook.

Anybody else out there ready for Fall???


  1. What fun to see pumpkins already. I love the fall season and all the coloured leaves. Nice to visit your blog. X

  2. Fall is my favorite..but I always hate to see summer end

  3. So as much as I love fall, I cannot rush it in because here in Michigan winter always comes too soon. I wanted to decorate for fall for the Whisperwood cottage thing, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it when I'm only halfway finished with my summer projects! That pumpkin table is so cute!


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