Saturday, July 7, 2012

Estate Sale

My estate sell find. I love it! I bought it the first day. Went back and bought some 1/2 price items. Will show you before an after photos as soon as I clean them up first!

I do declare. I think I must start a business in Estate Selling or whatever you call it!
The last two local sells that I have patronized were ridiculous-ridiculously overpriced and disorganized.
I know, you can't judge someone else until you've walked in their shoes but my goodness! My mama taught me that anything worth doing is worth doing right. An index card over my light switch read, "Whatever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might."
Some things that I would consider when doing an estate sell:
1. Be professional, courteous, helpful and appreciative.
2. Make the customer feel that you are helping them and not the other way around.
3. Treat each item as if it is a treasured possession because it really is or was to somebody.
4. Clean when necessary. (I'm not talking about shampooing the carpet, but I would consider cleaning grease off the countertops and making everything presentable.)
5. Organize according to the wares. For example: Kitchen and appliances on kitchen counters, neatly tied with twine and a price tag-not a sticky piece of tape. Glassware grouped together. Furniture dusted and roaches cleaned out of drawers. ( I was appauled at the roach eggs in the linen drawers and cabinets.) Linen folded neatly, bound together and priced accordingly.
Yes, I think it's in my blood. Will get to work promtly gathering information.
Any ideas. Pray tell.


  1. That sounds like one nasty estate sale. I never go to those because everything is priced so high. And they depress me. But that's maybe just me! Maybe I'm thinking of Scrooge's bed curtains or something! haha! You would do it right tho!

  2. These are some very good tips. What will you do with this lovely thing?

  3. We went to a lovely well run sale On Friday and Saturday Bonnie. I think I know which one you went to and they are way over priced.The owner of the house we were at frequents sales I go to and he was selling the entire contents of his Victorian house on the Hill in Augusta. It was so crowded I nearly had a panic attack and I do not have those...yet.


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