Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Galvanized Bucket of Autumn and Chippy Wedgewood

The morning was a lovely 62 degrees.
Ahhh, Heaven, I'm in Heaven...
It was work day so I didn't get in my walk.
Tomorrow is another like day so I hope to get an early start
on my morning.
Falling in love with fall made me want to change some things up abit.
(as if I haven't done this before:)
I made an arrangement in my small galvanized bucket.
A bunch of fall florals were $1 at the Dollar Tree.
They looked as good as any I've seen at Walmart for 4 times the money!
I'm definitely NOT a tablescaper, but I couldn't resist showing off
this lovely vintage tablecloth.
Yard Sale $1
I had this tray that I decided to NOT paint white this time.
Can you believe that?
I thought it made a great centerpiece with the bucket and the pumpkins.
A college student threw out a box of dishes-odds and ends-more odds than ends.
I tried to come up with a set.
Ironstone is perfect in any ensemble.
I liked the autumn berries. 
Of course, I think they were meant for a candle.
Upon further inspection, I found they were marked Wedgewood, Queen's Shape.
I have
7 plates, 2 chipped.
7 bowls, 5 chipped
4 cups, 2 chipped
1 bread and butter plate, perfect
Perfectly imperfect set:)


  1. I am so jealous your weather has cooled off!! We still have a couple months of warm weather ahead here in Orlando...Dreaming of cool mornings. I'm not a tablescaper either, but you did a great job and your table looks great!


  2. I've never done a tablescape either but it's on my to-do list! Yours is lovely and wow, what a great find with all those dishes!

  3. Love your fall tablescape Bonnie. White china is always worth picking up. hugs, Olive

  4. We have FINALLY cooled off, too. It's even rainy. Tomorrow the Oklahoma Fair starts and it's always wonderful and fun. I hope the rain will let up enough for us to go and have some good eats. Time to BLOW our WW diet plans! :)

    Love your perfectly imperfect plates.



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