Friday, September 21, 2012

A Rustic Wedding: The Rehearsal

One of my sweet girls is getting married tomorrow.
Hayle and Bobby were high school sweethearts and
made it through the years of college.
Tomorrow they will start a new life together.
Hayle grew up in a family that loved horses and rodeos.
Bobby grew up on the farm.
Both love country living so it's only natural that their wedding
would be rustic in nature.
The rehearsal dinner was no different.
Site:  Washington County Fair Grounds

A tree stump to send a special message to the bride and groom.

A burlap covered stump for the table.

What a spread-literally!

Candles, dry hydrangeas, and a photo of the couple
on the bank of the family pond.  Sweet.
Sunflowers, of course, Hayle's favorite.
Can't have a southern gathering without watermelon.
Love the enamel pan.
Galvanized buckets served many purposes.
Just loved the kerosene lanterns.
Hayle's first saddle and her dad built the fence for the occasion.
The washboard was one of her grandmother's.
Old pottery and a butter churn
Just can't get enough of these great pieces.
And this was only the rehearsal...
To be continued...
Wedding Blessings,

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  1. Looks like a wonderful rehearsal Bonnie. Looking forward to the wedding.


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