Sunday, September 16, 2012

Creating a Booth in my Shop for ME!

I have spent the past year managing someone else's shop.
I thought this was my DREAM-
Taking care of everyone else's consigment goods
My philosophy has been
When it ceases to be FUN, it's time to go!
Since this is my friend,
and I committed to be her business partner,
I must find a way to make this work.
I am creating my own space-
Something I've done for 10 YEARS PRIOR!
It took me a couple of days to move
things around
and to get all my stuff together
that was scattered through out the shop.
It's still not exactly what I'm shooting for.
I like white and pink and my sister like bold color.
I like to distress white and my sister like to paint and glaze.
Thus the red wardrobe.
Another one the pieces that my great BIL found
on the side of the road.
It is an incredible piece!
We are taking it to the Festival in October
if it doesn't sell before!
I was amazed at how many customers
I had in my booth.
Sold the frames, some milk glass, the letter R, the brass watering can,
the black magazine rack in the corner on the bench,
and a white picture frame.
These pieces had been all over the shop for 3 months now!
Goes to show what creating a booth
can do for business!
The best weekend I've had in a while!
Yey, me!!!
Trying to convince my boss/partner
that wide open spaces
can be overwhelming
and everyone in this business
likes to ramble, plunder and pick.
Hope this works!
Blessings, my friends,


  1. GOOD for you! Your job has to be FUN! I agree, most people are visual and they need to see an idea, a display, a small vignette. If they like an item but don't know how to use it, putting it in the right display setting is 50% of the sale~~it's called "marketing"! In business these days, you have to be creative and sounds like you are doing just that! From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

  2. I want you to have fun Bonnie and this sounds like a good plan for you. hugs, Olive


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