Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On-line Bidding, Chippy Window and Ice Cream Chairs

A word from the WISE?
I'm not sure I can yet call myself "wise", but I sure can learn from my mistakes
if you can call that wisdom.
Working on Saturdays makes it difficult to find deals for resale.
I mean, I see all the goodies that you girls find at Goodwill;
however I've not been that lucky.
Goodwill is WAAAAY overprices for this thrifter.
Or so I thought!
That is until I started searching on-line auctions.
The finger moves to fast on the "Submit Bids," and before you know it,
you have wandered farrrr from your budget.
Our local auctioneer calls me "$5 Bonnie." 
He would be surprised at what I paid for these items.
I thought I just had to have these darling ice cream chairs.
Okay, I paid too much and that's okay because sometimes when
you love something so much, you'll do that.
Right, girls?
What I didn't consider was the travel expense.
Cost me $30 to pick them up.
No way will I recover my expenses on these darlings.
Do I keep?
I may just have to.
Can not afford to give them away!
I also bid or OVER bid on this great, chippy window insert.
Oh, I just had to have it!
I will NEEEEEVVVER tell ANNNNYONE what I paid for it!
I guess it will just be a great conversation piece or
a great piece to use in my tacky vignettes.
Girls, I still don't have your talent.
My husband thinks I have lost the rest of my ever, loving mind!
He doesn't see the beauty in this!
Lesson Learned!
When On-Line Bidding:
1.  Consider travel expense!  GAS prices will put you out of business in a flash!
2.  Add the total cost including travel and if you can't double your money, DON'T SUBMIT THE BID!
3.  Do your homework. 
I will search for yard sales in my community.  I will not on-line bid again until gas prices go down.
I guess that means, I may be looking around my house for items to redo and sell. 
Need to declutter anyway!
Hope you my friends, are better at this than I am. Ughhhhhh.

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  1. i'm with you bonnie.... goodwill can be waaaaaaaaay overpriced on their furniture. every once in awhile a piece slips by for a great price and i just hope i'm the one to grab it. I just snagged 2 antique pressed back chairs there for 5 dollars each. maybe a young kid doing the pricing that day :) hope the yard sales work out for you!


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