Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Rustic Southern Wedding

Dance and cheer
Football and baseball
Young Love
(and we called it puppy love....)
After years of growing together, studying together, teaching together,
and living out a life of faith together,
I think we can no longer call it young love.
That precious young love, has become the kind that is commited to each other,
a love that lasts a lifetime.
Thus the day unfolds...
with lots of burlap, sunflowers and natural elements.
A church packed to full-capacity, balcony full, and standing room only,
is evidence of great families with great kids.
This way please!
Through the field we go!
I just love the natural wooden signs!
Friends and family anxiously await,
the arrival of the bride and groom on a horse-drawn buggy.
Straw bales and galvanized buckets held lots of goodies including
birdseed bags,
bottles of RC cola and Coke,
bottled water labeled with their names and wedding date,
and Moon Pies to complete the feel of a country wedding
and in honor of the couple's last name, MOON:)
The kids were crazy about getting to open a bottle drink.
The old wash stand held some of the moon pies.
A water pump and
Grandma C's bonnet brought us a feeling of nostalgia.
I just imagine she was there:)
Nothing more rustic than burlap and a cowboy boot.
Ball jars for iced tea and cold lemonade.
There were some really old square ones that I spotted while I washing dishes.
They don't know that I keep a box in my truck for pickin':)
A beautiful first day of Autumn, one of my nursery babies in a tie and all grown up, and a CocaCola in a bottle, just doesn't get much better than that!
The photo doesn't do the cake and the backdrop justice.
It was perfect, beautiful and yummy!
You may take the boy out of the country,
but you can't take the country out of the boy!
I got me a hug!
It was a fun wedding.
The groom was a hoot and he pulled out all his stunts.  The bride was absolutely BEEEEUUUTIFUL!
Everyone laughed and cried and danced and ate and just had a good ol'
Congratulations, Bobby and Hayle Moon.
We love you!
Last night I thought, well this is just about it!  We've married all our youngins'.
However, as I watched the youth that we've taught go through the line today,
I thought, "Oh, no, we've got a long way to go!"
I wonder if these two will be next.


  1. Hi Bonnie: I've been so far behind in visiting everyone. This must be your daughter and her new husband. What a cute couple and it looks like the wedding was just perfect. Sounds like you all had a great time..Happy Saturday..Judy

  2. Love your down home country themed wedding. That's how we do things were I'm from! Reminds me of home...xo's Pam

  3. It seems you've had a busy weekend. Enjoy your Sunday!

  4. Beautiful and she is such a sweet person. May the Lord bless them.

  5. What a hoot! I went to a wedding on Saturday and it was ALSO my girl's 5th anniversary! WOW! September is a popular month!




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