Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Painting Candlesticks and Candy Corn

It's been a rainy day in Georgia-
The kind of day that makes you know that Fall is in the air...
The kind that makes you want to curl up in the corner of the
sofa in a soft quilt, read a book, and doze.
Haven't done much of that though.
The hubby has been home most of the day-
doing the dreaded prep for tomorrow's colonoscopy.
You know men-
they don't like to read instructions.
Thus, I have prepared 64 oz of Miralax and water for him to drink
every 10-15 minutes.
Oh, my!  You'd think he was havng major surgery!
No, not really! 
He's just grunted a few times (and not from the prep! LOL) and mumbled under this breath.
But he does that anyway.
So, I've basicaly been around to get him what he needs-TP, heated broth, air freshner:)
In between, I've painted.
As you know, I am NOT a crafter.
I don't like to paint.
I do it because I like the final project.
But it's not my favorite thing to do.
Today did a few little things to make it look like Fall.
I painted candlesticks.
The ghost turned his head for the picture.
From the look on his face, he's camera shy!
This dracula looks mean, but the other one looks goofy.
I prefer the goofy.
I've never been one much for halloween and spooks.
I even like my pumpkins to smile:)
Painted some small pots to look like candy corn.
I'm finding so many uses for this small crate.
It may be mine!
Don't you just love the colors of Fall?
It's my favorite time of  the year!
Happy Fall, Ya'll,


  1. Your wee pots are darling. Poor David. That test is no fun.

  2. Olive, guess where the wee pots came from?


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