Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mama's Quilt of Many Colors

Feeling very nostalgic tonight.
Tomorrow will be the two year anniversary of my mama's death.
I can feel it in the air.
I can see her and smell her.
She loved this time of year.
She took every opportunity to teach us about God through His creation.
She never failed to say,
"Oooo, did you see that tree?"
And before we could look she had spied
another one of magnificent color.
She was a woman of color.
We teased her that at times she could get a little tacky.
Didn't bother her one bit.
Her quilts were made of many colors.
She used what she had-
bits and pieces
of this and that.
Not perfect in symmetry,
but what can you expect from an 8 year old.
This was her first quilt.
All 4 of her girls made their own quilt.
Now, Granny could make a beautiful quilt!
The boys got those!
So you know what that means.
My cousins have the perfect ones!
Mama collected pitchers and bowls.
This one I've featured before, but it's my favorite.
She loved flowers.
This is another one of my favorite squares from the same quilt.
Don't get me wrong, I prefer quilts that are perfectly squared
and have the same color scheme, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
I guess that's my OCD.
But when I get ready to snuggle,
It's Mama's quilt, I'd choose every time!
(BTW, I'll be using some of mama's crystal for a wedding this weekend.  Can't wait to blog about it!
It's gonna be true rustic/country in style, my favorite!)
Thank You, Mama for the Sweet Memories.
I Miss You,

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  1. "Back through the years I go wand'ring once again~ Back to the seasons of my youth~ I recall a box of rags that someone gave us and how my momma put those rags to use..." (Dolly Parton)

    Love going down memory lane with you sweet friend. Thought of you today...prayers for you never end.

    Love, Rebecca


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