Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Character of the Old Merges with the NEW

Those of you who follow me, know the deep appreciation I have for history-
especially when it comes to my own small town.
We have a new place in town.
I say "NEW."
I guess I should say,
"NEW, OLD Place in town,"
It's the Pringle Building in Small Town, USA,
Washington County, Georgia.

Before Construction
For the next few weeks,
I'll be featuring several stages of its contruction and renovation.
I love small businesses.
We are the Heart of America.
In an attempt to lower prices for the consumer, Corporate America has
tried to push us right off the planet, however we continue to prevail!
My thoughts are
"You may take a man out of his small town
But you can't the small town out of the man."
 A gentleman from a neighboring county came in the shop this morning.
He had lived in Atlanta for years.
Looking toward retirement, but not quite there,
he moved back to his
small town in hopes of finding some simplicity.
He said, "I'm loving this peaceful, easy feeling."
He has a sweet little booth in Greensboro, Georgia.
Can I say I love Greensboro Antique Mall!!!
I would love to see our small town become a Greensboro or Madison, GA kind of town. 
I think we may be on to something here.
A few years ago, a young entrepeneur, Joey Giddens 
started his own business, Geo.'s Quarters.
A simple, but elegant gift shop on the square in downtown Sandersville, Georgia, 
Joey features fine and affordable gifts including
antiques, fine china, crystal, home decor, invitations and personalized gift cards and invitations.
The shop features several items unique to its Washington County customers.
Washington County Pewter Plates feature historical sites including
The Pastime Theatre, The Dairylane, The Washington County Courthouse, The Brown House, The Paris House, and several other local landmarks.
The Georgia Plate is also sold at Geo.'s Quarters.
Visit Joey on the web at
In 1997, Al Woods founded Warthen Lane Interiors in what is referred to on their website as, "a sleepy little town in Warthen, Georgia."
Al is an incredible artist in floral and interior design. 
In 2008, he relocated to downtown Sandersville where he specializes in
antiques, flowers, gifts, interior design and event planning.
To learn more about Al's beginnings and bonus attractions visit him at
Both men have a vision for Washington County and the small business.
Both men saw the potential of one of the oldest buildings in Washington County,
The Pringle Building.
Thus, the jouney...
Renovation began.
The challenge and success in historical renovation
is knowing how to restore the bones
without removing the character.
This building has great bones!
Behind the sealed windows, I got a peek inside.
When I spotted the RED and BLACK
I knew it was going to be a HIT
in Bulldog Country!
(Oops! Tech fans, I think I spot alittle gold back there!)
I absolutely adore the natural brick!
You just can't find that kind of character in a new building.
Moving right along...
flooring goes down.
Wow!  After a third coat, the floors are beautiful and the place looks like a gallery!
A Sneak Preview of Warthen Lane Interiors
Opening Monday, October 1
Geo.'s Quarters is preparing to move.
The store will be open Monday and Tuesday for final
clearance and markdowns.
Shop now with discounts on everything!
The Grand Opening for Geo.'s Quarters and Warthen Lane Interiors
in their new location, The Pringle Building,
will be October 13, the day of the annual
Kaolin Festival.
Outside complete with awnings.
I'm sold and I've yet to see inside.
More to Come....



  1. I can't wait to see the inside of this building, Bonnie. I love small towns and historic buildings a lot. We visited Savanah in March and drove from there to Charleston, SC. It was so quaint to see the roadside businesses. I think everything in the south is magical. It's totally different than Los Angeles.

  2. How cool is this Bonnie? I will surely visit them.


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