Friday, September 7, 2012

Politics, Honey Boo-Boo, Sanford and Son, and Facebook

I have been on facebook for the last hour.
I am laughing hysterically 
at all the shenanigans of our GREAT politicians.
I know, I know I should be on my knees praying,
but honestly, have you ever seen a more ridiculous badgering of one to another?
I'm finding my greatest humor in the cartoons of Maxine!
She says, "Why should I bother staying informed about political issues when nobody running for office does?"
Another cartoon, "And in my second term I promise to do all the things I promised to do in my first term."
And, "If at first you don't succeed, lie lie again!"
Ok, so if I've offended anyone...
Romney's Pin reads, "I believe in America."
Flipped over, it reads, "Made in China."
Okay, enough politics.  By now I've lost a few followers...
Remember Sanford and Son???
One of my daddy's favorite shows.

Look familiar???
We were watching the Turtle Man on The Discovery Channel the other night.
I was totally grossed out!
I said to my husband, "This looks like The Hoarders.  I can hardly stand to look at this."
He gives me this look!
"What???  I am NOT a hoarder."
He gives me another look.
"I'm NOT!"
I promise this is GOING!
8:00 AM
Well, so what if I am a hoarder, Honey Boo Boo lives 30 minutes away!
Go figure!
I promise!  Where do they find these people???
Please don't tell anyone!


  1. Hope y'all had a good yard sale. I might having hoarding attributes sometimes:)

  2. Okay, are you being for real? Does Honey Boo Boo live close to you?

    As for the political stuff, we have to pray for God's will for our country. Wow! We are in a mess.


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