Sunday, September 9, 2012

Who Am I: Part III

This should have been Part I.
This is where it all began.
I have been called many things-
some of which I'm sure were said differently:)
and behind my back.
Thinking back and to my surprise,
I have NEVER been called ugly names
 to my face ANYWAY.
Maybe because I was TOO MEAN!
I was called... 
The Preacher's Daughter
Bruce's little sister
Christy's mama
Chad's mama
Beverli was alway's MY little sister
until she began teaching

Now I have become
 Ms. Horton's sister.
Married at 17 and working with youth
(I chose to marry instead of BURN)
only 3-4 years my junior
I was always Bonnie-not "Miss"Bonnie.
After 25 plus years of youth,
I teach only on occasion
(They give me the TRUE LOVE WAITS part)
I am called
"Dave's wife"
After 34 years, I glady accept the title.

This summer we decided to do professional photos at the beach.

It looks like I had to drag him. 
I didn't.
He was a sweetheart about it.
The beach brings out the romance in us both.
(Even though the photographer was coaxing a bit, he didn't seem to mind)
A more serious moment of conversation.
When I looked at this I remembered a title to a song from the 70's,
My Eyes Adore You.
Someone said, "David always has a ball."
So this scene was most fitting-he literally always had a BALL in his hand-
baseball, basketball, volleyball, softball, beachball-
and he's always known how to have a ball, a good time!
Love, love the feel the tickle of the waves on my ankles!
We always bring home buckets of shells.
Glad the photographer captured this candid moment.
He's giving me that look.
Don't know what this conversation was about.
A sweet moment
Yes, we're still having fun and
You're still the one!


  1. Totally precious my friend. I love it! You are much in common...

    Onwards to 35 years. WHAT?

    Love you so much~


  2. What a SWEET POST! (and funny!) I admit, I had to laugh when you said "chose to marry instead of burn". Yes, I know what that means...seems like no one cares to use that phrase anymore...but anyway, your post was delightful! Marriages do last! From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

  3. Wonderful photos Bonnie! May you have many many more years to celebrate.


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