Thursday, September 13, 2012

Social Networking: Facebook or Blogging? I'd Choose A Gathering Place EVERYTIME

Been having a few problems with facebook-
I'm on again, off again.
I get my feelings hurt because those you know and love
can sometimes hurt you the most!
Maybe they don't mean to.
I can't imagine friends and family truly intentionally hurting
each other.
Can you?
A day or so I decided to deactivate
It was a he-said/she-said kinda thing.
With my blogging buddies, I don't have those kind of problems.
Maybe it's because we don't truly know each other and it feels safe to just be.
Or maybe it's because we truly are connected to each other by like interests, feelings and ideas.
Why are friends more polite here than they are on facebook?
I honestly don't know, but I sure do love my blogging buddies.
For example, My newest and one of my closest friends is
Rebecca from A Gathering Place.
I love this girlie!
I love her place!
I love her home!
I just absolutely adore her!
I feel like I've known Becca forever.
We connect!
We get each other!
We have soooo much in common!
Some things I like about AGP:
I love everything about her place-
it's romantic.
There's pink and white and lace and promise.
(Maybe that's why I was first drawn to it!)
Becca is real.
She shares he heart, her hurts, her loves, her passions.
I like REAL!
She has an amazing love story.
I think her Mr. AGP man is incredible.
Obviously they are totally in love with each other.
That's a rare treasure today! 
She loves her children and shares her stories of Miss K with us.
She teaches her about the things that matter most.
She's the best MOM and NANA and her love for them is obvious in all she shares.
She has an amazing Faith that sustains her through the incredibly,
stifling, difficult times and she's not ashamed to share it.
Sometimes I go to A Gathering Place
just to listen to the music.
There's music for my every mood-
There's the old pop, acoustic, piano, contemporay Christian, old hymns, old hymns made new, instrumental.
Everytime I walk away with a feeling of peace and tranquility.
So this post it not about winning the giveaway-although I love everything she does-
It's about True Friendship.
A Gathering Place
is a great place to visit and feel at home.
Visit A Gathering Place.
You'll feel welcomed to visit and gather:)


  1. Oh Miss Bon... This has GOT to the be one of the kindest things anyone has ever said about me, my home, my love, my family or my work. I truly DO NOT deserve such accolades. I'm full of more imperfection than you can know. Just a human girl here trying her best to carve out a little wonderful for my life and do the things I feel led by God to do.

    I'm not a big fan of FB and I agree with you about people being kinder on blogs. I'm on FB very little...mostly use it to link to my website (which is down right now because of PROBLEMS). In the end everything is in God's hands anyway and I trust him with EVERYTHING in my life. At least I try to.

    I think as women we are more alike than different. We all want to be loved and to feel valued and needed. When I get the most afraid in my life it's when I'm fearful my life won't matter or that my voice won't be heard. That's why blogging is so fabulous. So many people visit and never comment but it doesn't mean the things that are shared don't have an impact on their lives.

    You are so precious to me and I'm hoping once my Mr. is OUT OF SCHOOL (come on NOVEMBER) we can take a drive and visit GA. Wouldn't that be fabulous? We could hook up somewhere and chat for hours and hours.

    Thank you for your impact in my life. Your life stories that mirror mine and for your heart for Jesus. You inspire me and I adore you.

    Thanks for the tip of your hat. I'm humbled by it and very, very, VERY blessed.

    Love, Rebecca

  2. PS: Linking is easy. Highlight something (like my AGP NAME or phrase) and then grab the URL of my blog post (the Giveaway)
    and on your blog post find the LINK button (on your bar where you post pictures) and then paste it there. That should make the LINK live. Let me know if you have problems! K?

    Hugs to you...xoxoR

  3. Hi Becca. Found your blog from Carol's place! I found a fellow Christian and I feel the same as you about facebook! I've seen this happen to my others in my family. I think I'll join you in deactivating mine as well. I have problems with people posting things I really don't think is appropriate content...almost like watching a show that I wouldn't approve of my kids watching! Ok, I love your blog and the fact that your a coffee drinker! I'd love for you to visit my blog and say hi! xoxo's Pam


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