Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Youth Activities

Blogging began as a way of dealing with my grief
and expressing my pain.
Maybe I'm still there, because my emotions continue to ebb and flow.
Each major holiday, season or event signals a whole new range of feelings.
However, blogging has opened up an avenue to make new friends, share common interests, and connect with those who share my love for finds, faith and family.
With the approaching of a new season (Thank God for change!)
I am remembering that being a PK (preacher's kid)
wasn't always so bad.
Mama became the youth director so that her children, she said,
could have some "good, clean fun."
Every season brought new activities.
The old blue and white bus took us all over the state of Georgia.
For a teenager, being broken down on the side of the road
into the wee hours of the morning was FUN!
Teen Bible Quizzing always began in September.

At 10 years old, I got to tag along because mama was the coach.
On one particular quiz, we were going to Savannah Georgia for an invitational quiz.
It was a spend-the-night-event.

I "sassed" mama and was grounded.

I begged for a whipping!
(I hear in Delaware, they lock parents up for that-a whipping, that is!)

Fall Retreat was always a highlight of the year.

Afterglows were youth events after church. 

Mama was a great event planner. 
I am who I am today because I had a mama who knew how to have fun.
She exchanged the dress, long-line and girdle for a pair of pants
and we hit the highway!
She handed the baton off to us and we continued tradition.
White-water rafting. 
Left at 3:00 p.m, took a ride up the Appalachian trails (not on our schedule of events)  
and made it to camp at 3am. 
There was Toccoa before the flood took away the Falls.
Most of us made it to the top.

There was Epworth-by-the Sea and God forbid I ever see another sardine.
Who started that anyway???
Had to throw the suitcase, clothes and all away!!!

Girls in the boys dorm.
Male chaperons?  Really??? Yeah, right!
We did have some determined girls, though!
Lock-in Retreats
Was this Jail-break?
Hayrides, "weenie" roasts and roasted marshmallows around a campfire, haunted houses (before someone said it was wrong), fall festivals, football games, Wink, Fruit Basket Turnover, and
If You Love Me Honey Smile, womanless beauty pageants, peanut boils, and Nazarene Night at
Six Flags Over Georgia.

All Fall Fun!

After 30+ years, you'd think Mr. H would grow tired of tailgating
 with the youth on a Fall Friday night.

No sirree!
I'm blogging.
He's enjoying the youth on a Fall Evening.



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  1. Smiling from ear to ear. Love sharing your memories with you!



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