Sunday, September 16, 2012

Anorexia, Bullemia, Attempted Suicide and Redemption

Life is Hard sometimes.
Life is Painful.
I didnt' have my cell phone with me at the shop on Friday.
Trying to save all the pennies we can, we don't have a shop phone.
My boss shows up and tells me to go to the hospital.
 Immediately, my heart does a sumersault and in a flash
my brains thinks, "Where is David?"  "What's happened to my sister...."
"Where's all my family?"
The brain in overdrive...
Nothing is more painful than when our children hurt.
The ambulance, the police, the local fire department were at the middle school.
"A child has attempted suicide."
One of our teenagers-
the teenager of one of the couples in my Sunday School class.
My heart was torn in to.
This was the third attempt.
This time was bad.
Blood pressure upon arrival- 40/20.
Foaming at the mouth...
I expected the worse,
as if the above wasn't worse enough.
After an hour, medication to counteract
what she had already taken,
 pushing fluids with IVs,
medication to up blood pressure
and lower the heart rate,
she began to respond.
A beautiful, 14 year old girl
fighting for her life,
bullied all her life by "friends",
ignored by teachers,
and one last chance to say to a friend,
"You won't have to worry about me anymore."
I'm writing this morning because my heart is heavy.
Parents were at church this morning
seeking God.
The daughter is in the hospital in a neighboring city
unable to see her parents.
A 15 year old brother, being homeschooled
for bullying and panic attacks is wondering,
"When is enough, enough?"
A teacher said to the child just minutes before
she took the pills,
"You are bringing this on yourself."
Feeling there was nowhere else to turn,
she made what she thought was one last attempt
to take her own life.
Thank God, she did not succeed.
The Beauty from Ashes-
her testimony is incredible.
Some may not believe this.
Some may scoff and say she's crazy.
Some may say she's psycotic and hearing voices.
Some may she again is just seeking attention
There was a 30 minutes gap where she recalls nothing-
a 30 minute gap when they were trying to get some response-
a 30 minutes gap when they thought they were losing her.
This is her story...
"Mama, I don't know if I dreamed this or if it really happened.
I thought I saw the devil, he was really black and there was smoke all around him.
Then I saw Jesus.  He didn't look like the Jesus I've seen in all the pictures,
but he was very BRIGHT.
I started crying, "Oh, Jesus, I'm so sorry.  I'm so sorry.  Please forgive me."
And she woke up.
Believe what you want to.
The devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy.
He was seeking to destory her like.
Jesus came to give her life.
After she awoke she prayed with the associate pastor
the sinner's prayer.
She is a new creation, with a new future.
To those of you with children,
pray a hedge of protection around your children.
Say the name of Jesus over your children as they sleep.
Remind them that every child is a child of God.
Remind them that EVERY CHILD IS precious in His sight.
Remind them that other children are precious
and that BULLYING is NOT ALLOWED-NOT ever!!!
I believe that God is a Redeeming God.
God is a Restorer of all that is broken.
God seeks to bring LIFE.
I'm believing for healing for this family.
Would you comment so that I can let them know
that all my blogging friends are praying.
Blessings Always,


  1. Bonnie, How fortunate this family is to have you in their corner. I wish them peace and comfort. Keeping all that are hurting in thoughts and prayers.

  2. Bonnie- thanks for sharing this story. I pray that one day there will not only be peace amongst countries and this world, but peace between our children. My thoughts are with this girl her family and your community that she finds he strength to heal herself and those around around her.

  3. Oh, how this touched my heart. Thank you Lord for this young you came to her in her time of desperate you have shown her both ways..darkness or light...she chose the light! My heart is overjoyed!! Satan, you are defeated. Blessings! Bonnie, what a wonderful testimony...there is HOPE for our youth and Nation! From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

  4. This is such a sad story. I believe all teachers and school personnel need to attend seminars to cope with and understand more about why kids bully other children so they can recognize the signs and be better equipped to do something about it. I hope and believe that something good will come out of this tragedy. We do get second chances if we just hear the wake up call. Blessings to this dear family in this time of crisis.


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